Shaving to go to the gynecologist –

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Shaving to go to the gynecologist –
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 shaving to go to the gynecologist "width =" 364 "height =" 222 "/> <br srcset= Going to the gynecologist periodically is essential for women's health, when the date of the consultation approaches
some classic doubts arise, such as: should I shave to go to the gynecologist? " Can I have sex?
Is it important to use the vaginal douche? To clarify these and other questions, know eight keys to assist the gynecologist
with more tranquility.

One of the questions that disturbs a woman before going to her gynecologist visit is whether or not she should shave. The
woman really does not need to be shaved to go to the gynecologist, in addition to protecting the skin, the doctor tells the
amount of female and male hormones.

If you'd like, you can shave without excess, avoiding irritations, as is allowed on a day-to-day basis. That is, none of the artistic options
that are over; The recommendation to be comfortable with the bikini or panty at the time of consultation with the
gynecologist without leaving the region exposed, is to pluck three fingers above the clitoris and leave two fingers on the sides. The
hairs can not be very short, so it is recommended that they should be two fingers high; Hair removal to go to the gynecologist is quite important.

Advice before visiting the gynecologist

• Woman Remove the idea of ​​using a vaginal douch from your head. It hurts the Pap test.
• Taking a bath does not interfere with the exams. Follow the advice above and use soaps with acid PH (between 3.5 and 5) provided.
• If possible, urinate before the consultation. The instrument that opens the vagina can cause some discomfort in your
bladder, which makes the examination a little more uncomfortable. The toilet paper or damp cloth can not be rubbed, only
must touch the place to absorb the liquid that is left there. " Otherwise, the fragments of the paper remain stuck
and it is necessary to use a solution of serum to remove them, which usually leaves the woman somewhat hurt. "
• No matter how much you walk with desire , it is not recommended that you have sex the day before and, much less, the day
of going to the gynecologist. Sperm and condom alter PH, and sexual contact promotes skin peeling. So
both, save your fantasies and cravings for after your consultation.
• It is recommended to separate the consultation between five to seven days after menstruation, when the breasts are
softer. Since menstruation can interfere with some tests.
• Do not use vaginal creams for two or three days.
• Find out everything to the doctor. The list of important details that must be informed includes the use of the pill and
of antibiotics, contact with sexually transmitted diseases, gynecological surgery, childbirth, abortion, sexual dysfunction
difficulty in placing or removing internal absorbent, etc.

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Opinions of women about taking the option to wax!

• It is not an unavoidable requirement to depilate the genital area and the rest of the body for a
routine gynecological examination; Moreover, the quantity and type of hair distribution can help the
gynecologist to determine or suspect certain pathologies, such as hirsutism (indicator of a hormonal problem

• There are certain exceptions, which are surgical interventions in general; in which the surgeon can determine the
need to shave the pubic hair or other parts of the patient's body for reasons of safety and hygiene, in
function of the area they are going to intervene.

Many women agree that epilation to go to the gynecologist is important!
The hair removal option is totally yours!


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