How to use iodine for hair removal

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How to use iodine for hair removal
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" Someone else has experience as soon as they go to epilate, they
recommend doing it with iodine How to depilate with iodine? Normal question for those
that we have no idea how to do it, because here you will find out how and why.

Not everyone is able to shave because the process is somewhat painful, is where
comes into play the epilating with iodine to forget about the pain that produces a
Iodine depilation , in spite of not being instantaneous, minimizes the hair in the course
of a few days without needing to suffer.

Know the recipe and how to do it

● 2 ml of iodine
● 10 ml of castor oil
● 1.5 ml of ammonium
● 40 ml of 70% alcohol

Mix the products very well until they form a colorless paste and let it rest for a few minutes. They claim that Waxing with iodine is very easy. Just apply the mixture on the area that you want to shave in the morning and at night, for 5 days. Little by little, you will notice that you can detach the hair much more easily.

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Other methods of hair removal

● Boot epilators

If you want a long-lasting finish when you remove your hair, do not leave the house and choose a start-up epilator. Does it hurt to use a starter epilator? Of course, yes, more or less like waxing because the device works with tweezers that are rotating to pluck the hair from the root. But when you handle the machine, you control your own pain a little more. The feeling is like falling on a bush or wallowing in a sewing box but it’s worth it because the results last for 2 weeks or so.

● Body Shavers

The shavers is the instrument that we all use, with a body shaver it is almost impossible to hurt yourself. They are devices designed for men who want to trim or shave their hair without any pain.

The good thing about the body shaver is that you can use it for the whole body (including genitals) and although the results only last a couple of days, they are totally safe and perfect for novices who do not want to suffer.

● Waxing

Do not trust the wax to wax your legs, in any of your domestic formats. Wax is for professional use and although you knew how to use it well (which I doubt) it is never a good idea to make yourself a wax without really knowing how to use it.

You have to look at the temperature of the product, it can not be applied to very long hair or very short hair and the angle of removal is key to not damaging the skin. Although making wax is a sensation like a thousand tiny pins on the skin, it triumphs among women because the results last much longer in them but if you do not want to finish sticky it is better to go to a professional hair removal center.

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Common mistakes we make when shaving or shaving


● Pass it dry

Before sliding the blade of the shaver it is very important to apply a layer of some specific product for hair removal (moisturize the skin). The most recommended are those in the form of gel, since they are introduced into the microscopic irregularities of the skin to create a layer that prevents cuts.

● Too hot

In addition to the discomfort caused, it causes further irritation and damages the skin.

● In short

If the hair has not grown enough, hair removal will not be effective. Depilating with iodine is a great method for those who can not bear the pain of doing so, but we can perfectly use any type of method for our hair removal.

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