How to shave if you are pregnant –

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How to shave if you are pregnant –
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Hair removal is not always done in the same way for all types of people, this varies depending on skin type, durability or whether it will be hair removal for pregnant women.

A woman's body is wonderful, we all know it! One of the best things that can be experienced as a woman is the ability to give life to another person inside you and in these conditions we still want to see ourselves and feel beautiful.

Regarding aesthetics, there are many things that we can continue doing just like before pregnancy, especially the majority of treatments that are used or applied on the outer side of the body. Keep reading this post and you will discover how to shave if you are pregnant .

Depilation during pregnancy: what you should know!

Depilation during pregnancy is not contraindicated itself, but there are better ways to do it, as well as others that are openly discouraged. Let's see what those particular cases are, one by one.

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The best techniques for hair removal in pregnancy

To know how to epilate if you are pregnant, we go first with the types of recommended hair removal during pregnancy.

Razors for shaving

The knife depilation is a widely used method, so much so that we all know how to do it without many explanations. This method is completely external and is one that is advised because is not invasive at all.

You can continue doing it as you came doing it before pregnancy. During the last months of pregnancy you will see that the difficulty has more to do with the size of the belly, because the larger it is, the more complicated it will be to recline to reach certain areas of the body.

In addition, there are areas where hair can increase and others where it can decrease (come on girls, ideally the hair should disappear), then you should be aware of these changes.

Cold wax

This method has no problem, is durable and guarantees that the hair will go from the root. If you have done it before, you will already be familiar with the pain that this entails.

Certainly, although it hurts a little, we know that we will be free of hair for a long time. You can apply it with complete confidence, and it will be more comfortable to do it during the first months of pregnancy.

Electric shaving devices

Also the hair removal with epilator is a well seen and comfortable method to use. You can use them quietly throughout the body to keep the hairs at bay.

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It does not matter if you have already used one of these before, it is advisable because it will not irritate your skin or affect the baby in any way.

Techniques to avoid for hair removal in pregnancy

Now, let's continue with the less recommended treatments to shave if you're pregnant

Hot wax

The heat of depilating with wax from this method tends to dilate the blood vessels and the dreaded varices may appear. It is not a good idea for pregnancy, and you should avoid it during breastfeeding.

It is advisable not to use, nothing that can alter the conditions in which the baby is forming and increase the temperature would tend to do just that. It is better to leave it after pregnancy, you will see that time flies away.

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Laser Hair Removal

The laser hair removal is the least recommended method. There is no reliable evidence that the fetus will be free of risk. In addition, it is not advisable to subject the fetus to any type of rays (not even the x-rays that are so common in medical evaluations).

Any method used for hair removal that is not invasive, and especially that stays in the epidermis, is good for this beautiful period.

Come on girls with the method that suits you best and we keep being beautiful inside and out at all times.

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Recommendations for hair removal while pregnant

  • Do not use any method that is uncomfortable for you. It is better to use a hair removal method that you already know and handle well.
  • Go to the doctor's appointment shaved to avoid sermons.


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