How to epilate for childbirth? –

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How to epilate for childbirth? –
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Go question, right? How to depilate for childbirth ? Question that fills the mind of a new mother, question that terrifies any mother at the time of going to the famous delivery room. Know a little about it and the odd opinion of women with experience in these aspects.

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Depilation of the pubic area before birth has to do with a decision of the doctor or with the hospital protocol, there are doctors who do not consider it necessary and others who do. hygiene when giving points for episiotomy or cesarean section.

It is important to talk to the obstetrician before performing a regular epilation, to know the procedures he plans to perform and thus find the depilation for childbirth that is more convenient.

Some women, just in case, prefer to shave days before the date probable of childbirth, to prevent another person from doing so and with a system that they might not have chosen (as may be the case of the shaving with razor razor, which is what is usually used in medical centers).

In some cases, it must be considered that at the time of delivery the area to be removed will have to do with the place where the stitches will be made, so it is best to ask the doctor where will it be, to pluck said area.

– In the case of depilating at home with wax it is important to avoid that it is very hot, because it could affect the most superficial capillary vessels.

– O tra option is the depilatory cream which should be tested on the skin first to know if it causes allergy or irritation.

– E In the case of the shaver one must be careful when using it because its edge can irritate or hurt the area, leaving it more sensitive. ( Both the depilatory cream and the shaver trim hair, which is why it is normal to feel discomfort when it grows back ) .

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Although it is not necessary to the intimate hair removal for give birth, ie the areas of the English and the pubis ] is true which is quite It is advisable that this be the case for reasons of hygiene and to avoid unnecessary discomfort, d and this way we will facilitate that have that make us what is known as a " ] scraping of emer ge ncia " and that is no more than the fact that we shave pubic hair before performing episiotomy (surgical incision that helps facilitate the exit of the fetus).

At present many women wax their pubes or in fact they hardly have hair in this area, so it is not that it is something laborious to do at home .

Think that it's not just about hygiene, it's that you might have to give them a few stitches, and of course the hair will be a nuisance.

There are many options ] to depilate for childbirth because on the one hand we can choose the wax and remove all the hair we want, or also we can use a blade .

The problem will be in having a belly, and that may prevent us from seeing or accessing correctly, so it will never hurt to ask our partner for help, or that we even go to a specialized beauty center.

Women who do not usually pluck their pubes, and do not want to remove much hair, can choose to remove only the one that is in the lower area, or in fact why the fetus will come out (so that you can get an idea, if you depilate that area, when you are standing you will realize that you do not notice anything that is depilated).

You should no longer think more than the account for that question, now see quiet to your delivery and that your baby has the best of welcomes.

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