Waxing kit

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Waxing kit
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Are you looking for a waxing kit at home? In How to Shave we have what you need. We offer you a wide range of products so that you can buy online and have a perfect shave without leaving home.

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Tips for home waxing

Waxing is one of the most popular among people who seek to have soft, silky skin. It is a method that pulls out the root hair and also weakens the follicles. The result is longer lasting soft skin.

But how can you use a waxing kit at home and achieve a perfect result? Here you will find some good advice to be able to wax at home and have a 100% professional result.

  • Wax temperature: in order to use your waxing kit it is important that you take into account the ideal temperature. Our body has an average temperature of 37ºC, therefore, the wax should never exceed 42 degrees, otherwise we could burn ourselves
  • Let the wax cool down: following what was said before, we have to take into account that the wax melts at 55 degrees, therefore, we will have to let it cool down for a few minutes to lower the temperature
  • Monthly waxing: Another important tip is not to use your waxing kit more than once a month. In case you have a lot of hair you can use it once every 3 weeks. But don’t be too insistent because you could damage your skin.
  • Avoid sun exposure: It is also important to avoid sunbathing after waxing. Professionals recommend waiting at least 12 hours before coming into contact with UVA rays.
  • Clean skin: in order to achieve professional results, it is recommended that you always apply the wax with completely clean skin. This will increase the effectiveness of this method of hair removal.
  • Moisturize your skin well: it is also essential that, after waxing, you moisturize your skin well. Use your usual moisturizer or bet on regenerating ingredients such as aloe vera
  • Exfoliate your skin: if you want a flawless result, there is a trick that is that, 3 or 4 days before waxing, you exfoliate the skin to get a much smoother and silkier finish. Keep in mind that by exfoliating, you remove any dead cells that may hinder the waxing process

With these tips you will be able to wax at home and achieve a professional result. Now you can buy your waxing kit online and get started with this home beauty treatment.

The result you get is smooth, soft and hairless. You’ll be perfect to show off your legs and body at the beach!

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