Sugar lemon wax

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Sugar lemon wax
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Do you know that there is a natural alternative to epilate and show off a perfect skin this summer? Yes, we have not gone crazy. Forget the blades, the creams, the depilatory machines or the wax. You solution: the depilation with sugar and lemon . Two ingredients that you sure have at home and that will get rid of your hair.

In this article we tell you where it comes from, what is the recipe for waxing with sugar and lemon and what are the advantages and disadvantages that it has. You want to know more? Continue reading and discover this millenary technique that comes from ancient Egypt. By the way, it is known in English as sugaring . Now, you’re ready, take note why we’re going to tell you everything!

Where does hair removal with sugar and lemon come from?

If there is a civilization that had cult to the body and to the mint, that is, without a doubt, the Egyptian. In the ancient Egypt and other oriental countries of the time already used this technique of hair removal of sugar, lemon and water. The main reason is that your results are amazing and that, in a few minutes, your skin looks perfect.

Next we explain how to perform hair removal with sugar and lemon step by step . It has no difficulty and you will only need a few minutes to complete it.

Hair removal recipe with sugar and lemon

This hair removal is based on sugar and lemon, as we have said, yes, apart from these ingredients you will also need water. As for the quantities, you will need the following:

  • 2 cups of sugar
  • The juice of a yellow lemon
  • 1 glass of water if it is not enough with lemon juice to make the pasta

How to make the mixture for natural hair removal

At this point we tell you how to prepare the recipe for hair removal with sugar and lemon. Point! First you have to put the two cups of sugar and the lemon squeezed in a pot or a medium saucepan. Keep in mind that lemon juice has to be enough to cover two cups of sugar.

At this time, if you see that there is not enough is when you have to use the glass of water that we have told you before. Pour until you see that all the sugar is covered completely.

Second place the mixture in the medium or high heat and do not stop moving it with a wooden spoon until all the sugar that we have thrown is completely dissolved and you only see liquid. It would be advisable that you use a kitchen thermometer and that you could verify that the mixture has reached about 115 degrees centigrade.

And finally, when it starts to boil you have to lower the heat enough so that it does not burn but to make it a thick and manageable paste, keep in mind that you will have to apply it later. To give you an idea, it’s more or less like the texture of the wax.

Its color is soft golden, very similar to honey. For that reason, sometimes it is called hair removal with sugar, honey and lemon, although it does not really carry. Bear in mind that if its color is very dark, it means that we have burned the paste and that, without thinking about it, you will have to do it again, otherwise it is useless.

It is totally forbidden to boil more than a minute with high heat since it will mean that it will not keep the desired result. To finish, remove it from the heat and let it cool. Now, you already have your hair and sugar depilation ready!

Depilation with sugar and lemon – step by step

If you do not have very sensitive skin, you can perform a exfoliation before epilating . There are many people who ask if it hurts hair removal with sugar and lemon and the answer is no, it is totally painless and, if you have done the paste correctly, it will not damage your skin at all.

Also, if you see that the cream does not adhere well, you can put talcum powder in the area you are going to shave and get a better result. And, now, let’s start with the application of the hair removal method with sugar and lemon.

First step

First of all, clean and dry the area in which you will make the application of the cream this way we will avoid that the paste sticks in possible residues that our skin has .

Next, dry your hands well and if you want (this is totally optional) you can spread your hands with a little oil so that the cream slips better and is easier to apply.

Second step

It is time for to take some of the cream and spread it on the hair always in the opposite direction to the one that grows. In the legs, for example, the hair grows from top to bottom, then, in this case, we will apply the cream backwards, from bottom to top.

If you notice that it does not slide well because it is very thick, you can choose to warm it up a bit. But, obviously, do not go over it because you could cause skin burns. A very used trick is to use a spatula to tighten the skin a bit with the hand with which we do not apply the wax.

Third step

When you have it on the skin, remove it as if it were a wax band and, thus, you will repeat it in each of the zones.

We recommend that when you finish, clean the area well with warm water and apply moisturizer or aloe vera gel to make your skin calm and not dry.

Advantages of this method of natural hair removal

Now we are going to analyze the advantages of hair removal with sugar and lemon so you can see why it can be a good alternative:

  • Economic Without a doubt, the first of the benefits of hair removal with sugar and lemon is that it is very economical since you use ingredients that you can easily find at home.
  • It does not hurt. It is not a painful hair removal, it may be annoying but you will not notice anything compared to the wax.
  • Lasts a lot. Many people wonder how long hair removal with sugar and lemon lasts and, the truth is, it usually lasts for a long time. In fact, it lasts as long as wax and hair takes a long time to come out.
  • Use in short hair. Another of its major advantages is that it also serves to easily remove very short hair.
  • Regenerates our skin . With this mixture we get to eliminate dead cells present in the skin and boost its regeneration.
  • Without toxic substances . Being completely natural, we can use it in all areas of our skin since it will not harm our epidermis at all.

Recommendations before using depilation with sugar and lemon

If this is the first time you are going to use the hair removal method based on sugar and lemon, we recommend that you try it on a small area of ​​your body before you can observe how sensitive your skin is. This way, you will not damage anything and discover if it eliminates your hair or costs a little more.

And, of course, as we have told you, make sure that at no time is the pasta hot, even if you reheat it again in the fire. It always has to be warm.

Intimate hair removal with sugar and lemon

This wax has the enormous advantage that it can be used in each area, depilating the legs the armpits, the arms or others. In fact, is very good at genital hair removal with sugar and lemon . In the area of ​​the bikini without a doubt, it is one of the best places since you will forget for a long time the unwanted hair and get to show off the perfect area for the beach.

Can cream be saved for future hair removal with sugar and lemon?

The answer is yes, you can reheat it in the oven or in the microwave (never too hot). Yes, keep it in a cool, dry place so that it stays properly.

Is waxing with sugar and lemon a good method?

Definitely yes. It has no side effects on your skin, is completely natural and serves to remove the hair at the root as if you were using wax. So, it is a very economical, fast and above all, effective option.

Forget going to beauty centers and switch to homemade hair removal with sugar and lemon. Undoubtedly, nothing else you try it will become an option that you will always have in mind since it will get you out of more than a summer hurry.

If you are called to go to the beach and you are not shaved, dare to prepare this mixture based on sugar, lemon and water. The results are amazing.

Do you dare to try this homemade and natural hair removal? You will be surprised and you will come to think why you have not used it before. We know that it is a little known method but, more and more women and men, decide to try it.

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