With sugar and lemon

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With sugar and lemon
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Did you know that there is a natural alternative to waxing and looking perfect this summer? Yeah, we haven’t gone crazy. Forget about razors, creams, hair removal machines or wax. Your solution: depilation with sugar and lemon. Two ingredients you are sure to have at home that will get rid of your hair.

In this article we tell you where it comes from, how the recipe for sugar and lemon hair removal is and what the advantages and disadvantages are. Want to know more? Continue reading and discover this ancient technique that comes from ancient Egypt. By the way, it is known in English as sugaring. Now, you are ready, take note because we are going to tell you everything!

Where does sugar and lemon hair removal come from?

If there is a civilization that had a cult of the body and the mind, it is, without a doubt, Lime-2481346 640the Egyptian one. In ancient Egypt and other eastern countries of the time, they already used this technique of depilation of sugar, lemon and water. The main reason is that their results are amazing and that, in a few minutes, your skin looks perfect.

Below we explain how to perform sugar and lemon waxing step by step. It has no difficulty at all and you will only need a few minutes to perform it.

Sugar and Lemon Hair Removal Recipe

This depilation is based on sugar and lemon, as we have told you, yes, apart from these ingredients you will also need water. In terms of quantities, you will need the following:

✅2 cups of sugar

✅The juice of a yellow lemon

✅1 glass of water in case the lemon juice is not enough to make the pasta

How to make the natural hair removal mix

At this point we will tell you how to prepare the recipe for sugar and lemon hair removal. Take aim!

1️⃣First you have to put the two cups of sugar and the squeezed lemon in a medium pot or saucepan. Keep in mind that the lemon juice has to be enough to cover the two cups of sugar. At this point, if you see that there is not enough is when you have to use the glass of water that we have told you before. Pour until you see that all the sugar is covered.

Sugar-1514247 6402️⃣Secondly put the previous mixture on the fire at medium or high and do not stop moving it with a wooden spoon until all the sugar we have poured is completely dissolved and you only see liquid. It would be advisable to use a kitchen thermometer and check that the mixture has reached about 115 degrees centigrade.

ƒ3️⃣And finally, when it starts to boil you have to lower the heat enough so that it doesn’t burn but so that it makes a thick and manageable paste, keep in mind that you will have to apply it later. To give you an idea, it’s more or less like the texture of wax.

Its color is soft golden, very similar to honey. For that reason, there are times when it is called sugar, honey and lemon hair removal, although it does not really carry. Please note that if the colour is too dark, it means that our pasta has been burned and that, without thinking, you will have to do it again, otherwise it will be useless.

It is totally forbidden to boil for more than one minute with high heat as it will mean that you will not get the desired result. To finish, remove it from the fire and let it cool down. Now you have your sugar and lemon wax ready!

Hair removal with sugar and lemon – step by step

If you don’t have very sensitive skin, you can get a peel before waxing. Many people ask if waxing with sugar and lemon hurts and the answer is no, it is totally painless and if you have done the paste correctly, it won’t damage your skin at all.

In addition, if you find that the cream does not adhere well, you can put talcum powder on the area to be waxed and achieve a better result. And, now, let’s start with the application of the sugar and lemon hair removal method.

1️⃣First Step

First of all, clean and dry the area where you are going to apply the cream, so as to avoid the paste sticking to any possible residues on our skin.

Next, dry your hands well and, if you wish (this is completely optional), you can oil your hands a little to make the cream slippery and easier to apply.

2️⃣Second step

It is time to take some of the cream and spread it on the hair, always in the opposite direction to that in which it grows. On the legs, for example, hair grows from the top down, so in this case, we will apply the cream the other way around, from the bottom up.

If you notice that it doesn’t slide well because it’s too thick, you can choose to warm it up a bit. But obviously, don’t overdo it because you could get skin burns. A very common trick is to use a spatula to tighten the skin a little with the hand with which we do not apply the wax.

3️⃣Third step

When you have it on your skin, peel it off as if it were a strip of wax and repeat it in each of the areas.

We recommend that you cleanse the area thoroughly with warm water and apply moisturizer or gel with aloe vera to help your skin calm down and not dry out.

Here is a video tutorial where they explain step by step how to do it and how to wax at home.

Advantages of this method of natural hair removal

Now we are going to analyze the advantages of depilation with sugar and lemon so that you can see why it can be a good alternative:


✅Economic. Without a doubt, the first benefit of sugar and lemon hair removal is that it is very economical because you use ingredients that you can easily find at home.

✅It doesn’t hurt. It is not a painful waxing, you may find it a bit annoying but you will not notice anything compared to the waxing.

✅It lasts quite a while. Many people wonder how long waxing with sugar and lemon lasts and, in fact, it usually lasts quite long. In fact, it lasts as long as the wax and hair takes to come out.

✅Put it on short hair. Another major advantage is that it also serves to easily remove very short hair.

It regenerates our skin. With this mixture we manage to eliminate dead cells present in the skin and to promote its regeneration.

✅No toxic substances. As it is totally natural, we can use it on all areas of our skin as it will not damage our epidermis at all.

Recommendations before using sugar and lemon hair removal

Woman-909326 640

If this is the first time you are going to use the ylimono sugar-based hair removal method, we recommend that you try it first on a small area of your body to see how sensitive your skin is. This way, you will not damage anything and find out if it removes your hair or if it costs a little more.

And, of course, as we’ve told you, make sure that at no time is the pasta hot, even if you reheat it on the stove. It always has to be warm.

Sugar & Lemon Hair Removal

This wax has the enormous advantage that it can be used in every area, waxing the legs, armpits, arms or others. In fact, it is very good at sugar and lemon-based genital hair removal. In the bikini area it is undoubtedly one of the best places because you will forget about unwanted hair for a long time and get to wear the perfect area for the beach.

Can you save the cream for future waxing with sugar and lemon?

The answer is yes, you can reheat it in the oven or in the microwave (never too hot). That’s right, keep it in a cool, dry place to keep it properly.

Is sugar and lemon waxing a good method?

Definitely yes. It has no side effects on your skin, is completely natural and serves to root out hair as if you were using wax. So, it is a very economical, fast and above all, effective option.

Forget about going to beauty centres and try home waxing with sugar and lemon. Without a doubt, just trying it out will become an option you will always keep in mind as it will get you out of more than one summer predicament.

If you are called to the beach and you are not waxed, dare to prepare this mixture of sugar, lemon and water. The results are amazing.

Do you dare to try this homemade and natural hair removal? You’ll be surprised and wonder why you haven’t used it before. We know that it is a little known method, but more and more women and men are deciding to try it.

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