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Photodepilation has been part of our lives for years, both for men and women. We all look for the same, a final solution to remove hair from unwanted areas (which are increasingly more). Now, the words laser hair removal and photoepilation are no longer so strange to us, but do we really know what they are? In this article we explain it to you.

Permanent hair removal

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The first thing you should know is that we talk about guaranteed and painless results. Laser hair removal is the best known and is usually offered by most hair removal centers. The one that we tell you in this article, the photodepilation, has managed to improve this technique even more and can end up with the most rebellious hair, from the thinnest to the thickest and in any type of skin. Undoubtedly, what many call, the definitive hair removal.

Your technique? Based on light

Both laser hair removal and photoepilation work in the same way. They transform light into heat and, when applied to hair, destroy its root. The improvement offered by the second one is the thermal action that first weakens the hair and then destroys the root so that the hair does not grow back.

To perform this hair removal technique, light is applied through a xenon lamp. We warn you that you will have to do at least one session every two or four months to see the results and that you will need several to get it. Of course, as in laser hair removal, the sessions will depend on how you have the hair.

Advantages of photoepilation

Today, undoubtedly, the photodepilation of pulsed light is the best technique to pluck and get, with all the guarantees, remove the hair of each and every one of the areas of your body be whatever color or skin pigment you have. For example, with the photodepilation the groin you will forever forget the hair in that area. We still have not convinced you? Keep reading.

  • Rapid treatment. Despite having to perform several sessions, each of them has an estimated time of between five and twenty minutes depending on whether the area to be treated is small or large. In addition, it can be done in several places at the same time to avoid more visits than necessary. The efficacy of photoepilation is one hundred percent.
  • Effective on all skin types. It can be done in patients with dark or clear skin, it works in both cases. In fact, it can also be performed on tanned skin without any type of problem.
  • Short-term results . In a few sessions you will notice how the hair disappears while your skin looks smooth.
  • Does not harm the skin. The effects of photoepilation on your skin are null since it does not harm it at all. The consequences of photoepilation? None.
  • Photodepilation hurts? The answer is no. It is a totally painless treatment that will not irritate your skin, redden it, or cause the ardor caused by other methods of hair removal. Forget about it with this technique.
  • Can be performed in all areas of the body. In both the smallest and largest, this advanced photodepilation means that its effectiveness throughout the body is the most optimal. By the way, it also serves to depilate areas of the face.
  • Do not pigment your skin. When finishing the treatment you will continue having the same tone and without a single stain.

Therefore, is photoepilation good? The answer is yes.

Consequences of depilation

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The benefits of photoepilation are greater than the drawbacks. Still, we have to make you participate in them. There are only two, we warn you.

The first one is the price of the photoepilation. In comparison with other hair removal techniques, the cost is quite high. Of course, the centers usually worry about doing promotions, flat rates, special promotions or packs per sessions so that the treatment does not cost you so expensive. We advise you to think about how much you spend each year on hair removal, take out accounts and see how, comparing, you do not get so expensive and you can forget about hair forever.

The second of the drawbacks is that it can not be used in pregnant women. In fact, it is totally forbidden in the most intimate areas as the English because the pulsed light could cross the skin to reach the fetus. If, you want to perform hair removal on arms face or bottom of legs you will have to ask the doctor directly to find out what is most appropriate. Still, our advice is to avoid it until after delivery and breastfeeding. They are the only consequences of photoepilation .

Can this technique be used by everyone?

Yes, the answer is yes ( except pregnant women for the reasons we gave you earlier). Pulsed light has a wavelength that allows it to be applied to all hairs and skins, unlike the continuous light that was used until now. By the way, it is a perfect solution also for those who want to eliminate the first white hairs that appear with age, yes, gray hair.

Photoepilation for men

First of all we must differentiate the man hair from the man to the woman. Male hair is usually a little thicker and heavier in specific body areas such as the abdomen, the back or the chest. Even so, the photo-depilation for men has proved to be very effective and, therefore, more and more decide to carry it out and use it to forget the happy shaver forever.

Having said that, if you are a man, we advise you to go to your nearest center to have a hair study to determine how many sessions can be eliminated and, above all and most importantly , if they can definitely eliminate it. In principle the answer must be yes, but just in case, ask before! As in women’s hair removal, the professional will consider the sensitivity of your skin, the thickness and abundance of hair the area you want to shave and the type of skin you have before doing any  hair removal with the laser .

And, by the way, the hormonal treatments of women could interfere with laser hair removal. Now, with photoepilation it seems that they stop acting in that way and finally manages to eliminate them all.

How to prepare for photoepilation

Yes, we’re sorry to tell you but you should go to shave with a little bit of hair. We have not gone crazy, the reason is very simple. The stronger and blacker the hairs are, the more effect hair removal will have. Therefore, try not to shave at least a month before and, if you had an essential act for which you should be shaved, always do with blade to not eliminate the hairs by the roots. Also, do not wear self-tanners and do not even think about sunbathing or giving yourself rays sessions. How photodepilation works? Its operation aims to eliminate melanin pigments and, if you have sunbathed before, chances are you can get white spots, irritations or burns. Do not take the risk, believe us.

Between session and session forget about sunbathing directly or, if it is necessary to be in the sun, cover up with something the area that you are shaving. During the photoepilation process you will have very sensitive skin and you may get burned if you expose yourself to the sun for a few minutes. We recommend, in addition, that you put aloe vera to calm your skin a little and, above all, if you happen to wax between the sessions. It is totally forbidden!

By the way, do not ever think about getting cream before going to a session, you could make the laser not penetrate your skin properly and you will lose money. Anyway, all these tips will be given by your professional person when you are going to start the photoepilation process.

Photoepilation is the best technique

Undoubtedly, the photodepilation is the best technique that exists today if you are thinking of permanently depilating. You will eliminate forever the hair of the areas of the body that you choose in very few sessions (depending on the hair), without irritations and without any type of danger for your skin. We, we bet on the hair removal of the future. It’s time to forget about the hairs forever and that only photodepilation allows you. If you want to shave the area that is, bet on it. Go to your nearest hair removal center and ask them about this technique. With what you have read in this article more with what they tell you, we are sure that they will finally convince you. In fact, we already are.

Do you dare with photoepilation? Tell us what has happened to you!


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