Pain-free hair removal

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Pain-free hair removal
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Ok, we recognize, the hair removal can be a real ordeal and the moment to pull the hair can cause discomfort that make us hate the moment in which we have to shave. But calm, in this article we are going to give you a series of tricks so you can learn how to do a painless hair removal .

Yes, we assure you that it can be achieved. You just have to worry about wearing a perfectly shaved body this summer without having to go through pain. You do not believe it? Well, continue reading why you will be surprised. Ready for a painless and lasting hair removal? Let’s go to it.

Forget about body hair

We tell you the secret for a painless hair removal use whatever method. Do you have a special date tonight and want to put on that spectacular dress that makes you legs with a heart attack? If the answer is yes but you are hesitant to put it, I think we already know the reason. Your legs! Do not worry, you can remove the hair with a quick method and you can continue with your plans.

Of course, we propose a painless hair removal that is 100% natural without having to go through that bad drink on such an important day. Here are some tips so you can eliminate the hair without feeling pain. Follow them and come out to succeed this very night!

Tricks for a painless hair removal with wax

There are many women (and men) who do not choose waxing for the simple fact that it hurts (and in the first few occasions enough). In this article we tell you how to make waxing without pain. And, yes, we assure you that it is totally possible. You just have to follow these tips and you will notice how the discomforts are much less. Take note!

  • It is important that exfoliates before and after depilation. Yes, do it gently so that your skin does not get irritated during the whole process and you can get out those dreaded red pimples that we so hate.
  • It is important that you pay attention to the measurement of hair when you are going to shave, root hair removal without pain is possible if your hair measures between 0.5 and 1 centimeter in length. If the hair is either too short or too long, it will hurt more.
  • The state of your skin is very important. Therefore, one of the tricks of painless hair removal is to be clean, dry and without any cream or oil on it that makes the pores clog and hurts more when you start.
  • It is also important how you apply hot wax or depilatory band . The important thing is that you do it by pressing on the hair but always in the same sense in which it grows. In this way, it will stick much better to your skin and, as it is not against hair, throwing will hurt much less.
  • Strong strip . Do not think about it, hair removal without pain is possible as long as you do not think about it much. That is, paste the wax and pull as fast and strong as you can and, this time, always do it in the opposite direction to the hair growth to get them removed completely.
  • And, to finish, to get a waxing and painless, you have to clean the area depilated with some post-wax cream or oil suitable for your skin to eliminate possible residues or, directly , to calm the irritation that you may have created when shaving.

Most common hair removal errors

From what we’ve told you before, there are two painless hair removal tricks that most people do not follow.

  • One of them is not keeping the length of the hair between 0.5 and 1 centimeters
  • Next, it is not having the area quite clean or dry at the time of applying the wax. That our pores are open and receptive is the best tip for painless hair removal. So, pay special attention to these two points and do not forget to take it out. Your skin will notice it!

Attention when you shave wax!

To wax without pain you have to take into account a series of situations in which you will have to use another depilatory system. If you do it with wax you can take unnecessary risks and cause discomfort and irritation.

  • Forget the wax if you are taking strong medication for acne . For example, Rakután makes your skin much more sensitive and prone to burns and irritations.
  • Do not even think about using it if you have sunburn, your skin will also be much more sensitive and will only create you problems.
  • And finally, if you have circulation problems in your legs or some kind of problem in your immune system, you should not use it either.

By the way, keep in mind that if you want a painless bikini hair removal it is not advisable that you depilate two days before or two days after your period because the hormones make your skin much more sensitive.

Pain-Free Hair Removal

We are sorry to tell you a painless tweezing is very complicated because in this case the hair is removed at the root but individually, which causes the pain to concentrate in that area and may be extremely painful.

Still, we give you a secret: as this hair removal is intended (usually) to small areas, you can try to submerge the part to be plucked in hot water or, if you are going to do it in the eyebrows, wet them with the help of cotton. This will get the pores open and the hair can come out more easily.

And, another totally contrary option is to apply ice in the area. In this case the pores will not dilate but you will get to sensitize the area.

Effective and painless hair removal thanks to the cream

Depilation with cream is considered the least painful technique. Of course, you must do it correctly because, as you know, is composed of chemical components that, if not applied well, can cause burns and irritation in your skin. The solution to not screw up is very simple: you just have to follow the instructions of the package to the letter and do not leave it on your skin any longer than necessary.

So that it does not hurt you, we advise you to try applying it to an inner part of your arm before applying it to check that it does not produce any type of allergic reaction on your skin. Do it 24 hours before doing your hair removal to get rid of doubts.

Laser Hair Removal

In general, technological advances as regards laser hair removal refers have been progressing to such an extent that do not usually produce hardly any discomfort in the user. Its advantages are clear, it is the most durable method of all. an effective and painless hair removal method that will solve the problem of hair on your skin forever.

As a main disadvantage you only have the price but, as we told you, its advances mean that every time it is done in more clinics and that, these, have had to put their batteries looking for promotions and packs to convince customers of these techniques.

Hair removal at home with sugar and lemon

It is the depilation that is formed by sugar and lemon . You can mix it comfortably at home because you only need these two ingredients. You apply the cream resulting from its mixture and you apply it to the skin.

This method was already used by the ancient Egyptians and has proven to work very well. A clear example that we can eliminate body hair naturally and from home, also, it sure gives you very good results!

Depilation with blade: the least painful method

The blade does not usually cause any discomfort to the person who uses it. In fact, by cutting only the hair at the height of the skin and not tearing it, makes the pain non-existent . So, if you are the one who complains every time you have to epilating with a blade the blade may be your best option.

Its disadvantage? Well that same, that by not uprooting the hair causes your legs are free of them just a couple of days. So, as we see, everything has its good part and its bad part.

As you can see, hair removal without pain has never been easier. You just have to choose the perfect method for you and do it correctly. Depilation with wax, with laser, cream, sugar and lemon or blade. You choose! Get ready because you are one step away from wearing perfect legs this summer without suffering. Choose your favorite technique now and follow our advice!

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