How to wax your groin

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How to wax your groin
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Do you want to wear the hair-free bikini area ? Knowing how to shave your groin is essential during the summer months. However, more and more women decide to wear this intimate shaved area throughout the year. But how to do it correctly? In this article you will find useful tips for you to choose the option that best suits your needs.


How to depilate the bikini area – Choose your shape

There are few areas of the body that can be played at the time of depilation as with the pubis . Whether for aesthetic reasons, for hygiene, for comfort or even for erotic reasons, the intimate part lends itself to experimenting in forms and designs.

To find the design that best suits you first you have to observe your naked body in front of a mirror. Take a pencil that is suitable for the skin and draw the design you want, taking the symmetry of the area in a gutter. It does not matter if you prefer it in a square, triangular or rhomboid shape: respect the symmetry of your body!

If you are looking for original shapes such as a heart or an arrow, for example, use a template with the desired shape. You can do it yourself previously with a cardboard calculating the measurements. Then draw with a pencil in the area, and remove hairs!

Keep in mind that lack of hair can change your body when you see yourself naked. If you decide to make a rectangle, for example, your body curves could be affected and see you with more volume. While if you opt for a well-drawn triangle, you will preserve the harmony of your hips.

Now, if you are one of those who dare with everything and do not want to have a single little hair down there, yours is the Brazilian hair removal. In this article we explain everything you need to know about how to depilate Brazilian groin.

How to depilate the Brazilian Groin

Hair removal in Brazil is common in all women (and also in the vast majority of men!). There, they do it in a completely integral way, that is, they eliminate any hair in any body area, including those in the pubic area.

In Brazil, it is very common to get Brazilian hair removal in the crotch area, leaving everything shaved, smooth and soft. This is due to the tiny Brazilian bikinis . Although in that part of the Atlantic barely practiced nudism, the bikinis that are used have so little fabric that it is prudent to wear the entire area completely smooth and soft.

This type of hair removal is no longer exclusive to the Brazilian area . Currently it has spread around the world. This is due, among other things, to the popularization of bikinis with little fabric that covers this body area. On the other hand, it is also due to the increased concern to take care of themselves and to be always perfect.

This service is included among the other offers of any beauty center. Now, you will have to wait until they give you the date and time to go to an appointment. On the other hand, it is a service that is not suitable for all budgets .

Luckily, you can do them do yourself at home without spending so much time or money, achieving an outcome as good as in aesthetic centers. Next, we explain how to do them yourself following a few simple steps. Shall we start?


Brazilian hair removal – step by step

Before you start, make sure you have all the materials at hand so you do not have to run out and buy what you need. You will need :

Instructions for the removal of groin hairs

  1. Shave or trim hair . The long hairs are reluctant to be uprooted. For proper hair removal, shave the area evenly using a razor or scissors. Try not to have any long hair. This will make the difference between a good hair removal and an incomplete hair removal.
  2. Wash and dry the area well before beginning . When you have everything properly shaved, wash the area thoroughly with soap and water. This will help to remove the traces of hair and avoid possible irritations of the skin.
  3. Prepare the area . Put the wax to warm up. Meanwhile, apply talcum powder in the area and the Groin and the mountain of Venus. This will help the hairs get more easily attached to the wax. In addition, hair removal will be more fluid, as talcum powder will cause the wax to slip making it easier to pull.
  4. Controls the temperature of the wax . Make sure the wax is at the right temperature. To do this, pour a little of the product on the back of the hand. If it is too hot, let it cool a few minutes before applying it to the groin. Think that the skin down there is more sensitive, so you could burn yourself.
  5. Start hair removal . Apply the wax in the direction that the hair grows. Wait for the hairs to fully hook to the wax and pull strongly in the opposite direction, against the grain. The pull has to be fast and dry.
  6. Follow hair direction . Start to shave the outside of the groin, so that you approach the labia majora as you go. Leave the part of the mount of venus for the end. There, the hairs follow another direction. Try to apply small sections of wax following the direction of the hair in each area.
  7. Review the area . For perfect results, remove the hairs that may have been loose with the help of tweezers. Although wax is the best method to remove thick hair, it is not infallible. There will always be scattered hairs that you must eliminate.
  8. Removes the remains of wax . Use a baby oil or olive oil to remove the remains of product that has been stuck to the skin. This will help nourish the skin, avoiding possible posterior granites and ingrown hairs.
  9. Soothes the skin . To avoid possible irritation, apply an aloe vera gel. If you can get a leaf from the plant, the better. It will always be more effective than synthetic formulas. Although a gel that carries its active ingredients will also help you.


Other hair removal techniques for Groin

If you are a person who does not tolerate pain very well, you have to know that there are painless techniques that will help you get rid of those annoying hairs in a matter of minutes. Now, think that these methods cut the hair, so the results are not so durable . In addition, with the passage of time the hair will come out thicker and in greater quantity.

On the other hand, if you are in a hurry or you have an unexpected appointment, these painless hair removal techniques will be your best allies. Choose yours and you’ll be ready in the blink of an eye.

Shaving Groin

This technique is the fastest, although it is also the one that can cause the greatest number of later problems. Ingrown hairs are the order of the day after having passed the blade. To avoid them, try to have the area well hydrated after waxing.

Another possible problem with this technique is the cuts you can make . To avoid them, it is preferable that to depilate you use a new blade that is well sharpened. And, above all, that you do not squeeze more than necessary when passing it over the skin.

For a proper shave, moistens the area well before starting to shave. A shaving foam or a foaming soap will be your best allies. It is not advisable to shave the area directly on the skin because it could irritate too much.

Before you start, make sure the blade is in perfect condition. An old blade will irritate your skin . Buy a new one at the supermarket. We recommend those that are specially designed to shave the curves of women.

Plucking Groin with cream

This type of technique is a great option, since does not require much experience or a specific skill. All you have to do is apply the cream on your groin and wait for it to work.

This type of products make a chemical reaction that burns hair and eliminates it. Some creams take a few minutes to produce this reaction. Others, on the other hand, will only take a few seconds.

Use the spatula attached to the container to remove the remnants of cream . As you go through it, you will see how the hairs also disappear. Some creams are removed simply with the shower water.

Being a chemical, depilatory creams are not recommended for sensitive skin . If this is your case, apply a little of the product on the back of your hand before you start. This way you will avoid possible allergic reactions.

Now you know everything there is to know about how to wax your Groin. What are you waiting for to put these councils into practice?


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