How to wax your forehead

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How to wax your forehead
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Do you want to have a clearer and wider forehead? Excessive hair in the hairline area makes the forehead look narrower than usual. The hair removal of this annoying hair can be a solution to this problem. But how to wax your forehead without getting a mess?

In some people, the hairline begins lower than in others. This means that the scalp starts in the middle of the forehead, instead of starting a little further back. In other people, on the other hand, the hair forms a fluff that extends towards the face . These annoying hairs are too dark to disguise them.

This hair is also called headband. The depilation of the headband is a solution to enlarge the forehead . Now, keep in mind that it is an area located on the face and, therefore, is very visible. A bad waxing of the forehead could be unnatural or unsightly.

In this article we explain everything you need to know for proper hair removal.

Waxing of the headband

This hair or fluff that is born on the face makes the forehead look small. The waxing of the headband has become fashionable for a few years, mainly among famous people. This is because the removal of this facial hair helps to see a clearer and wider forehead .

However, hair removal should be done with extreme care. Being the hair that defines the face, a bad hair removal could cause changes in your expression. When it comes to removing this facial hair, you will have to respect your natural anatomy so that your features do not change excessively.

For example, if you have a face in the shape of a heart, respect the little tip of hair that is born on your forehead. Thus, you will look just as natural as before despite having removed a few inches of hair. The same goes for square or round faces: do not design artificial shapes. Otherwise, your facial features will be affected.


Tips to keep in mind with this facial hair removal

Do not get waxed. Think that from 30 or 40 years old the amount of scalp begins to decrease. This natural change is practically imperceptible. Now, if you remove too much hair, you will notice a lot in adulthood.

There are methods to disguise a narrow forehead without resorting to the drastic change involved in forehead hair removal. Designing the right eyebrows will help you gain a few centimeters to the face. The eyebrows are well shaped, rounded and quite thin.

If you decide on the elimination of this body hair anyway, in this article we explain which methods you should use and which are totally prohibited.

Methods for shaving the forehead

The most suitable methods for shaving the forehead are those that pull the hair down. These techniques help the hair to weaken day by day. This will help make this facial hair look less and less.

On the other hand, it is not advisable to use methods that cut the hair . Techniques such as the blade or cream are totally contraindicated for this part of the face. If you use them, the hair will come out thicker and thicker. In the long run, you will end up getting the opposite effect to the desired one.

The most effective way to remove the headband is with the laser . Laser technology has evolved a lot, which is why it is practically painless nowadays. In addition, you will ensure that you delete it permanently. At the end of this article we explain everything you need to know about how to laser-strip infallible.


Depilation of the forehead step by step – Choose your technique!

Even if you decide on a method that removes hair by the roots, it is not advisable to start shaving the forehead . It is a very visible area in which it is easy to make a mess. Also, once you start you will become a slave to hair removal.

If you are determined to do so anyway, we recommend that you go to an aesthetic center to have it done by a professional.

If yours is the “do it yourself”, then we explain the most used methods to clear the forehead.

Remove the headband with tweezers

This technique assumes that you will have to remove the hairs one by one. The method of hair removal with tweezers more recommended to do it yourself at home, since it is difficult to spend epilating. Here’s how to do it step by step.

  1. Pull the hair back . Hold the hair with a headband so that it is pulled back. This way you will more easily see the hair that is left over and the one that has to remain there.
  2. Design your forehead . Identify correctly where you want to pluck. To do so, you will have to follow the natural way of hair birth. The removal of this body hair should never be more than 2 cm, otherwise it would look very ugly.
  3. Start hair removal . Once you have identified the excess hair, you will have to pull each hair that you want to eliminate. This procedure is slow and painful, but it makes sure you do not get shaved.
  4. Make sure you pull out the hair by the roots . Do not cut the hair, pull it out. Otherwise, when you come back out you could do it with a “beard effect” unwanted.

Remove this body hair with wax

Wax is the most aggressive technique for removing the headband . However, it can be an excellent solution when it is done by a professional. If you want to do it yourself, follow these tips.

  1. Clear the forehead . Use a headband or ribbon to pull all the hair back. The hairs that are loose before the hairline are the ones that you will have to eliminate.
  2. Buy the right wax . Make sure the depilatory bands are specific to the face. If you want it to hurt less, use hot wax, as it opens the pore, helping the hair to come out more easily.
  3. Start hair removal . Apply the wax in small sections and following the same direction of the hairline. Wait a few minutes and pull hard. The pull must be fast and firm.
  4. Soothes the skin . Once finished, moisturize the skin with an aloe vera gel. This will help lower the swelling and prevent irritation.
  5. Do not expose the skin to the sun . When you finish, you will see that the skin below has a different color to the rest of the face. This is normal. It is because this area has never been exposed to the sun, so it looks whiter. Be patient and wait a few days before tanning the skin. Little by little this area will be taking color.

Remove this facial hair with thread

The thread is the perfect technique to eliminate this body hair. However, it is difficult to become an expert. It is a nonaggressive technique for the skin. It is also almost painless. T e we recommend that you go to an aesthetic center specialized in this technique so that it can be done by a professional.


Laser hair removal of the forehead

The laser is without a doubt the best way to eliminate all types of body hair . If you want to forget forever about hair removal and wear a permanently open front do not hesitate to go to a beauty center for a quote.

Although it is a more expensive method in the long run you will save money, since you will not have to depilate this area anymore. Also, in this way you will ensure a perfect finish.

A professional will advise you on the design that best fits your face . They will tell you exactly how far you should shave and how many inches of hair should be removed. Going to a professional will ensure you perfect results.

Whether you dare to do it yourself or if you prefer to go to a professional, now you know everything there is to know about how to wax your forehead. The final decision is in your hands!


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