How to wax your anus

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How to wax your anus
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More and more people want to learn how to wax their anus. Whether for reasons of hygiene or aesthetics, this trend has grown a lot in recent times. Some sexual practices are associated with this new tendency . Both between heterosexuals and homosexuals, hair removal in this area increases pleasure in sexual relations.

Although the number of people who decide to remove hair from this intimate part has grown, you should know that there are some possible complications such as irritation of the area, discomfort and itching when the hair grows back and the possibility of the hair becoming entangled because it can not break the skin.

If, despite this, you have decided to do it, in this article you will find tips to learn how to pluck the anus to oneself in an effective way .

Depilation of the perianal area

If you want to learn how to remove hair from the anus, the first thing you need to know is that this practice is directly related to epilation of the perianal area. The perineum or perianal area is the skin covering the pelvic floor muscles between the vagina and the anus in women, and between the scrotum and the anus in men.

Depilation of the anus involves the removal of hair that is located in the perianal area, that is, the hair between the two buttocks around the anus. To eliminate it, you have to know that is a very delicate area in which it is recommended that you use specific methods, because if you could not hurt yourself.

The perianal and intergluteal area is usually shaved especially in summer, since it can be more exposed when going to the beach or the pool, where they are usually used swimsuits and bikinis . If you practice nudism or you like to sunbathe naked, you must be very careful in this area and always apply a high sunscreen factor . After epilation the area is very sensitive and s i do not use sunscreen you could irritate it.

If it is the first time that you have depilas this area, it is advisable that you go to an aesthetic center where a professional will show you the most effective way to depilate this intimate area. Once you have seen how it is done, you will be able to enter it only at home. Now, it is advisable to always do it with the help of another person, since it is very difficult to reach the area .

On the other hand, you can do it with the help of a mirror but keep in mind that you can not use any type of hair removal method. The blade for example, is totally discouraged in this area, as it could cause severe cuts and infections.

Next, let’s see how to wax your anus yourself at home .

Male hair removal and female hair removal of the anus

There is no difference between male hair removal and female hair removal of the year. Both sexes should proceed in the same way when depilating the perianal area. The only thing that changes is the amount of hair, which will be larger in men and smaller in the case of women.

This intimate hair removal should be done with extreme care, as it is a very sensitive area. There are no studies demonstrating that hair removal in this area increases the risk of infection . Of course, it must be done with extreme caution.

Next we explain to you the steps that you must follow to eliminate the hair of this intimate part in an effective way.

Depilation with methods that pull the hair from the roots

These depilatory methods are more abrasive to the skin, but the result is more lasting. Always try to read the instructions on each package carefully before you start.

  • First wash the area well with a neutral soap . This is important because the anus is a place where many bacteria accumulate.
  • The right position is to lie on your back with a mirror placed on your feet to see the area well. Another good position is to squat with the mirror resting on the floor . Although it may seem a bit uncomfortable, this position will ensure that you see what you are doing well.
  • A magnifying mirror will help you to see the area well.
  • If you have enough confidence with a friend or your partner, a good option is to get on all fours by opening the buttocks with your hand. The person of confidence will be placed behind you and will be in charge of carrying out the hair removal.
  • If you have very long hair, cut it with scissors before you start. This will make hair removal easier and less painful. Of course, do not cut yourself or the hair may not stick and it would be ineffective.
  • If you are doing it without the help of anyone, with one hand tense the skin on one side of the anus . With the hand you have left free, place the method you have chosen to pluck the hair from the root. The placement you have to do in the opposite direction to where the hair grows.
  • Next, pull hard. The pull has to be dry and firm . Try to do it as close to the body as you can, so it will not hurt so much.
  • Repeat the operation until all the hair is removed. If you are going to review the area, it is advisable to apply talcum powder so that it does not hurt so much. This way you will also avoid irritation of the skin.
  • Apply an oil that is used for baby’s skin or a little olive oil to remove excess product that may have remained. The product should be removed easily.
  • When you’re finished, applies an aloe vera-based gel or a post-depilatory cream . This will cool the area and prevent the skin from becoming inflamed or irritated.

Depilation with methods that do not uproot the hair

There are different methods of hair removal that do not pull the hair from the roots. Whatever you choose, you should know that all of them will make the hair grow much faster . On the other hand, it is not particularly indicated to use this type of methods for depilation of the perianal area. Although it is not contraindicated either.

If you finally decide on one of these methods, before you start, it is important that you read the manufacturer’s instructions. A bad application could damage your skin and irritate it excessively. You should not let the product act in this area longer than necessary, since, as we have seen, it is an extremely sensitive area.

To finish, it is necessary to repeat that it is not advisable to use the blade in this delicate area. You could cut yourself and cause severe skin infections, with the risk that this entails in an area that is exposed to bacteria.

Tips for epilation of the anus

If your hair really bothers you in this area and you do not want to be balancing in front of the mirror to remove the hair, you can always ask yourself definitive hair removal . There are different methods to carry it out. At your beauty center they will advise which one is better. These methods tend to be more expensive. They are painful but definitive.

Now you know everything you need to know about how to wax your anus. It is up to you to do it well and you will avoid possible infections.


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