How to wax your mustache

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How to wax your mustache
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Knowing how to wax your own mustache is useful to avoid having to make an appointment at a salon to have it done by a professional. The upper lip area is not difficult to remove. Plus, you’ll save time and money if you do it yourself at home. There are several techniques to achieve this. In we explain everything you need to know to eliminate this unsightly hair.

Mustache removal for women – find out how

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It is common to have hair in the area of a woman’s upper lip. This type of hair, which is also mistakenly called bozo, is very annoying and unsightly. Although most women choose to wax, there are different techniques for removing this annoying hair. Here’s how women shave their mustaches using different methods.

Waxing your mustache

There are several methods of removing facial hair. But the most effective and durable is this one. In a matter of minutes, you’ll be rid of that unsightly mustache that bothers you so much. However, it is important to follow these tips so you don’t mess up learning how to wax your mustache at home.

Whether you use it hot or cold, wax is one of the most recommended methods for this area of the body. It is sold in all supermarkets and is very easy to use. It is best to purchase wax strips that are specifically indicated for facial hair. If you do it this way, you will achieve a less painful and longer lasting hair removal.

If you choose the hot one, keep in mind that you should not overheat it. Otherwise, you could get burned and walk down the street with the stain that gives away the frustrated waxing. If, on the other hand, you end up deciding on cold methods, keep in mind that you should take a hot bath first in order to open the pore, making the hair come out more easily and feel less pain.

How to wax your mustache at home – step by step

Next, we will see the steps you must follow to wax your mustache at home.

1️⃣Before you start waxing your mustache, you should clean the area with a neutral soap. When the area is clean and dry, you can start waxing.

2️⃣Don’t use any greasy moisturizer before you start. This will prevent the hair from adhering properly to the wax strip.

3️⃣Place the wax on top of the lip. You can do it with a full strip, but we advise you to do it in two parts. Place the band on the right side of the upper lip following the direction of hair growth. Wait a few minutes before pulling it out so the hairs can stick together. And pull the strip tightly in the opposite direction of hair growth. The pull has to be dry and fast.

4️⃣To make sure you know how to pull the wax well, keep in mind that the movement has to be following the skin trajectory as much as possible. Do not pull up towards the ceiling.

5️⃣Afterwards, repeat the same procedure on the left side of the upper lip.

6️⃣To avoid pain, before removing the wax and during the pull, hold the skin next to it with the other hand. This will not prevent you from feeling pain, but it will minimize the sensation.

7️⃣You can use the tweezers to perfect the area and remove any loose hairs that have not been pulled out.

8️⃣Once you’re done, use a moisturizer or a gel. It is advisable to use one that has aloe vera in its composition. This cactus will help prevent swelling and red spots that come up after waxing.

Learning to wax your mustache can be a difficult technique to master because it can be a little scary to apply hot wax to your face. Here is a video tutorial on how to wax your mustache so you can have a more visual reference than what we have explained above.

How to wax your mustache at home without wax

If you want to avoid pain, are in a hurry, or want to avoid the red spots that come with post-waxing, there are other alternative methods that you can use yourself at home. Next, we will see how to wax your mustache at home without waxing by knowing the best methods for it:

⭐Tweezers. This method is very effective because it removes the hair from the root, so the results last about the same as with waxing. However, it has the disadvantage that it is a slower method. Since it is necessary to pull out hair by hair, it is not recommended for those women who have an abundance of hair in this area.

⭐Cream. Contrary to what some people think, the cream does not pull out the root hair. When it comes into contact with the skin, it causes a chemical reaction that cuts the hair and makes it disappear. Those yes, the results are more durable than with the blade. To avoid skin irritation, follow the manufacturer’s instructions exactly.

AfeitarDiscoloration. If you have little hair on your upper lip, you’ll love this method! These types of creams are sold in pharmacies and supermarkets. Although they do not pull out the hair, neither by cutting it nor by root, they dye it blond and make it go unnoticed. However, it is not recommended for heavily-populated mustaches, as it will make your mustache more noticeable. It is very important that you do not exceed the time recommended by the manufacturer, otherwise you could burn your skin.

⭐Facial depilator. This is a very effective method because it mostly pulls out the root hair. Those yes, you will have to buy a special head for the facial area, since with the others you could get damaged. Try to bring both lips together, pressing them against each other, when you use it. The only drawback to this method is that it sometimes cuts the hair instead of pulling it out by the root. On the other hand, it is a quick and clean method.

Blade (never). You should never use this system with facial hair, anywhere on your face. The blade causes the hair to harden and grow stronger and in greater quantity. If you want to prevent your mustache from looking like a man’s mustache, never use this method in this area.

Permanent removal of facial hair

If, despite everything we have explained above, you do not want to have Laserto wax this area ever again, you should know that there are methods for permanent mustache removal. Permanent facial hair removal is not recommended for very sensitive skin, although there are no studies that contraindicate it either.

There are mainly two methods of permanent mustache removal:

Electrolysis, removing mustache hair forever

The first is the electrolysis method, which involves inserting a small needle into the hair follicle. Once inside, a small electrical discharge is generated, which will kill the root of the hair. It is a slow process, as it has to be done from hair to hair, and has to be repeated several times to be effective. However, because it is a small area, the mustache may be a good place to use this technique.

Laser for removing hair from the upper lip

The second is the laser method. This technique has the advantage that it removes larger sections of hair, so it is faster than the previous method. Generally, you will need fewer laser sessions than electrolysis. However, it has the disadvantage that it is more expensive. If you opt for laser, you should know that this technique is more effective on very dark hair and white skin, so it is not recommended for dark skin or blond hair.

Whether you’re the type who dares to do it yourself at home or the type who prefers to get rid of those annoying hairs forever, now you know everything there is to know about how to wax your mustache. Follow our advice and you will always look perfect!

Opinion on mustache removal

It is one of the areas that requires more attention because it is in the face. Any mistakes you make during the removal of this hair will be noticed, extra care should be taken. Although it is always necessary to check which method suits our skin best, in this area it is much more necessary.

However, once you’ve mastered the technique, you can do it whenever necessary without leaving home. Just as it is a problem that you can significantly see the mustache on your face, it is also an advantage since it is much easier to manipulate than in other areas.

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