Depilation with cream

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Depilation with cream
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Are you one of those people who are always in a hurry and never have time to shave? Don’t worry! In this article we tell you about a fast, effective and economical method of hair removal. So, if you are interested, read on and discover how this technique has become, in the last years, one of the most used to get a heart attack skin during the whole summer (and winter). Are you ready? We tell you all their secrets in this article.

What is cream waxing?

It is a painless and temporary hair removal technique. It takes longer to appear than the blade but less than the wax. In short, a perfect product for those who want to depilate quickly and comfortably. Thanks to the chemicals it contains, it acts on the hair, weakening it and cutting it. In addition to its power in the elimination of hair, it also has an exfoliating agent that allows to eliminate the dead cells of our skin. However, to remove hair removal irritation from your skin, we recommend that you apply a moisturizer after finishing.

Is cream waxing good?

Depilatory creams work thanks to the chemicals they contain that manage to remove hair. As with the blade, they do not remove the root hair but they do cut it. Yes, you should know that it is much better than the blade because the hair takes a little longer to come out. But, if you give us a choice, the wax is much better. Anyway we tell you more about how to do a good waxing with cream.

However, here is a video review of a hair removal cream and how to use it. This way you have a much clearer idea of what we are going to explain.

Types of depilatory creams that exist

One of the tips for a good depilation with cream is to know that there are different ones for each type of skin and area. In fact, if you don’t use them correctly, you can get skin irritations or redness. For example, you have for an armpit wax with hair removal cream.

You should also know that there is a possibility of facial depilation with cream and that there is a different one depending on your type of hair; there are differences between normal, fine and thick hair.

Benefits of depilation cream

If there’s one thing that’s positive about these types of cream, it’s speed. You only need between three and eight minutes (depending on the cream) to get a perfect wax. Moreover, it is a very comfortable system since you can do it yourself in your bathroom. You will only need a spatula and cream to carry out the whole process, but how long does waxing with cream last? Well, it depends on your skin and your hair. It will usually last about a week or two. It should also be noted that its price is usually quite low, which makes it a bet on economic hair removal.

Disadvantages of depilation with cream

One of the major consequences of depilatory waxing with cream is that, if you have sensitive skin, you can get redness from the chemicals it contains. Yes, you can apply a moisturizer after waxing to minimize damage. You should also know that it is not advisable to sunbathe right after waxing. You should wait at least 24 hours before going to the beach or swimming pool.

Bear in mind that if you have very sensitive skin, this type of depilation is not advisable, as redness is practically obligatory. In addition, although it takes two weeks for the hair to appear, a few days later there are already some samples. Ah! And don’t forget the strong smells coming from the depilatory creams, although it is true that they are less and less.

Advantages Disadvantages

✅Speed: between 3 and 8 minutes to perform the depilation.

✅Comfortable system: you can do it in your bathtub.

✅The result depends on your skin but usually lasts between 1-2 weeks.

✅Quite a low price

❌If you have sensitive skin, you may get red from the chemicals.

❌You cannot sunbathe after waxing, you must wait at least 24 hours.

❌Although it takes a couple of weeks for the hair to come out completely, by 2-3 days it is already noticeable.

❌Depilatory creams give off strong odors.

How Creamy Hair Removal Works

You have to consider a hundred things before you apply the depilatory cream. Take aim!

⭐Cleaning up the area. It is essential that the area where you are going to depilate is completely clean to avoid tripping when passing the spatula.Woman-1979266 640

⭐Always against the grain.â You must apply the cream in the opposite direction of hair growth. That is, if the hair grows from the top to the bottom, we will apply it from the bottom to the top. We’ll do the same thing when we pass the spatula.

⭐Never have it longer. Take a good look at the time when you put the cream on. You should never leave it longer than necessary as it will cause redness and irritation to the body.

⭐Exfoliate. It is important that you exfoliate the areas you depilate frequently. We recommend that you use a sponge during the shower, it will be easy and comfortable.

⭐Take an allergy test. If this is the first time you are going to apply depilatory cream, we advise you to do so twenty-four hours beforehand in a small, hidden area of your body. In this way we will see if the skin tolerates it well and does not create redness or other problems or if it manages to eliminate your hair well. Imagine that your hair is too thick for that cream, it won’t help that you lose the eight minutes of putting it on.

Is cream waxing good?Â

Yes and no, there are different opinions. We have already told you about the part of the yes, it is fast, easy and comfortable. The “no” part of it concerns you more. You see, unlike waxing, depilatory waxing doesn’t weaken the hair and will keep it coming out the same or stronger than before. In addition, the use of chemicals on your skin can alter the pH and this can lead to itching, redness or even the appearance of acne or cysts. In fact, intimate depilation with depilatory cream is not highly recommended for these reasons. Do it with wax.

Tips for waxing with depilatory cream

⭐Change the product. If you notice that the initial test has caused the slightest redness, change the product immediately or switch to another hair removal method more suited to you.

⭐Hidrate. At the end, as we have said, you should wash the affected part with cold or warm water and apply a moisturizing cream.

⭐Deploy at night. Yeah, you think it’s silly, but it’s not. The skin is somewhat sensitive when it has just been waxed, so it is advisable to let it rest and recover during the night.

⭐Don’t rub. Try to avoid products that rub too much on your skin, and if you are going to towel dry it, do so gently.

⭐No sunshine. At least in 12 hours (although we recommend 24) to avoid burns and serious irritations.

⭐Find out if it’s suitable for the face. Look at the package insert to see if the depilatory cream is facial or not. Don’t even think about putting it on your face if it’s not a suitable product.

Hair removal cream for men

We already know that men’s hair is much stronger and tougher than women’s, so the method of depilation must be somewhat different. If you decide to wax with cream, you should know that you have to choose one that is suitable Person-602971 640for thicker hair and that the technique will probably not work very well for you. Therefore, we recommend that you first try it on one area before doing it on the rest of your body. Depilation with depilatory cream for men is somewhat more complicated in the case of men and, if you let us give you some advice, we would go for another technique that is somewhat safer, such as waxing.

By the way, keep in mind that you can’t use it on your face (to remove the beard), your intimate area or your nipples. Try waxing with cream, if you see that you don’t get the right results, just change the technique.

So, is cream waxing effective?

Yes and no too. It is if you want a fast, effective, comfortable and economical method. And, on the other hand, it’s not if you want something effective in the long run. So, study your skin type well and think about what is best for it. We always go for more durable methods such as waxing or laser hair removal advances, but these can’t get you out of a last-minute fix.

Even so, the world of hair removal creams has advanced a great deal and they are increasingly tested in allergy trials and are much more hydrating. They take care of your skin while removing the hair. Bear in mind that not all of them are valid and that, as we have said before, you should choose the best one for your skin type and for the type of hair you have. If you do, chances are it will work and you will look your best this summer. Remember the importance of doing this at night and applying a moisturizer right after. The perfect touch for glowing skin.

Opinion on depilation with cream

In our opinion it will always be more worthwhile if you wax with the best and safest methods, such as waxing or laser. However, we also understand that there are days when unforeseen events occur and we have to act quickly.

Try to always keep in mind the advice we’ve given you, so even if you use methods that can affect your skin at least you don’t have to worry so much about the side effects.

Tell us, are you up for cream waxing? We would like to know what you think of it and if you have ever used it.

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