How to shave with blade

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How to shave with blade
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Depilation with a blade is one of the most used methods for its speed and comfort. In fact it is the most used by women in the Nordic countries. You should know that the benefits of blade hair removal are many but, obviously, its disadvantages are also. In this article we reveal the secrets behind the hair removal with a blade. Take note and do not lose detail!

Depilation with a blade. Fast and effective method

The first thing you should know is that with the hair removal with razor blade do not depilas, but you cut the hair at the height of the skin and that causes the result is not completely durable, come on that lasts more or less a couple of days. Of course, between work, home and children, a woman now has no time for anything, much less to dedicate to herself and that is why this method of hair removal is so used. In just five minutes you can forget the hairs and lights a hair-free skin. All this we will expand it throughout this article so that you can improve your form of hair removal.

Effects of depilation with blade

To remove hairs, it is enough to have a blade, foam or gel for hair removal and water on hand. Yes, that easy. Only with those three ingredients can you have a skin ready at the moment. Keep in mind that it is super important to have the blade disinfected or, if it is for single use, to make sure it is about to start. The first thing you should know is that it is not painful and that if you use foam, it is very unlikely that you will get cut. It is one of the most important elements to also avoid the skin irritation by blade hair removal.

How to get a perfect hair removal with a blade

First of all you should know that there are many types of razor blades in the market. In fact, there are some that are specially designed for hair removal for both men and women. Yes, more and more you have the market special blades for them. Of course, do not expect much difference between the two.

You also have to know that they exist with different layers that will vary according to the amount of hair you have. By the way, remember to change the blade at least every three weeks (if they are throwaway … just throw them once!).

Tricks for hair removal to last longer

It is one of the most asked questions by people who use this technique, how long is hair removal with a blade? Well, as we have already mentioned, do not expect it to last more than two days completely smooth . Yes, we feel like saying it but that’s the way it is. Within two days (more or less) you will begin to notice how, when you pass your hand through the skin, you can not find everything soft that should be. It is one of the problems of hair removal with a blade.

For that reason we give you a series of tricks to make hair removal with a blade last longer .

  • Machine of truth. It is not worth anyone. Opt for a quality blade that lasts for some time.
  • With gel. There are already blades that have incorporated gel in the edges in this way you will avoid that it is so aggressive with your skin. Still, you must use foam.
  • Used spare parts. When the metal is oxidized it is very possible that you can get wounds on the skin, therefore, we advise you that if the blade contains spare parts, you should change them.
  • Moisturize your skin. It is very important that at the end of the hair removal hydrates your skin so that it is full of light and soft.

Steps for a good depilation with blade

If you want to make your hair removal more durable, we also recommend that you follow the following steps and, in addition, you will not get too skin irritated and pimples will not come out after the hair removal . Take note and follow them!

  • Wet the area. Use hot water to moisten the area where you are going to epilate to make it easier to proceed to hair removal. Showering before is a good option.
  • Exfoliates the skin. After winter the skin is usually drier and it is important to be able to eliminate the dead cells that remain in it for a better pass of the blade.
  • Get foam. We have already mentioned the importance of using foam or a gel for hair removal with a blade. Just extend a small amount to soften the skin and avoid cuts.
  • Against the grain If your hair grows from the top down, you should shave from the bottom up. Always against the grain. Especially if the hair is thick and costs to eliminate, keep in mind that you will have to make several passes.
  • Cold water. You have to wash the skin with cold water as soon as you finish the hair removal to close the pores.
  • Hydrates the area. We have already told you, it is indispensable. This way, you will avoid pimples and red dots after knife removal.
  • Depilation with blade and sun. After epilation, as with other techniques used, you should avoid getting the sun in at least 24 hours. Especially in the brilliant female epilation with blade since the area of ​​the groin is very sensitive.
  • Beware of hair removal with a blade in underarms . If your skin is very sensitive and, above all, in that area, remember that you have to wait a few more minutes before applying the deodorant because, even though it is neutral, it could sting you. Keep in mind that you must do it from the bottom up and, above all, it only happens once in the area.
  • More brunette. Did you know that shaving just before you put on your self-tanner will make your tan more uniform when you sunbathe? This happens by removing the dead cells from your skin.
  • Wash the blades well. When finishing the hair removal remember to wash the blades well (and dry). And, as we have said, change them as soon as you see that it is necessary. Do not even think about it!
  • Enjoy summer! Now, with perfect skin, you can only enjoy it, this is our greatest advice.

How to have a good hair removal with blade

We give you other tips to make your hair removal with a blade last longer. Write down why you are interested. This is how you will do the more durable hair removal with a blade .

  • Female products. Use blades designed especially for women if you are going to shave. That is, blades designed for you at the time of depilation and not blades used by men to shave.
  • Depip yourself at night. It will seem silly but it is not. In the morning your skin is much more swollen and it is not advisable to proceed with hair removal. In addition, if you depopulate at night, you will be able to keep your skin rested during all the sleep hours so that you get up with a smooth and perfect skin.
  • Depilation of the intimate area with blade. For this area it is recommended that you remove the hair horizontally. From the outside to the inside. Also, keep in mind that any foam is not valid here, use a chord to the area to avoid damage and irritation.
  • Importance of the posterior cream. Hydration as we have mentioned is very important at the end of the hair removal process. The cream you use should be alcohol-free and fragrant since you will avoid itching in the area if you have caused a tiny cut. In addition, we recommend that aloe vera creams are one of the best because they have a soothing effect.

Tricks to remove granites after depilation with a blade

We tell you an essential trick to soothe your skin after depilating with a blade if you get the dreaded red spots. It is a homemade recipe and you will need water with a spoonful of glycerin and two aspirins. Mix it until it is a compact paste and apply it in the depilated area. Let it act for ten minutes and you will see how, when you remove it, you notice your skin much better.

In the case of you have stayed a hair encysted, you will need: three drops of lemon, a spoonful of honey and a spoonful of sugar. It is a natural exfoliant that will come great if you apply it for three days before the day of hair removal.

Depilation with blade for men

The hair of man is, in most cases, much thicker and abundant. Therefore, not everything is worth it. First you must differentiate what is a facial blade from a corporal one. After that, arm yourself with patience and with the help of foam eliminates little by little all the hair. Of course, you should bear in mind that when shaving with a blade the hair will grow even harder. So, if you can avoid it and endure the pain well, we recommend that you go over to the wax. It’s not that bad!

In short, the benefits of knife removal are speed and comfort and, the disadvantages of blade removal, its short duration. You choose your method, the one that best suits your lifestyle and your skin. Keep us informed!

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