How to shave the pubis

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How to shave the pubis
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Do you want to show the trimmed and soft pubic area ? Knowing how to properly depilate your pubis will avoid many problems such as irritation of the skin and ingrown hairs. Whether for aesthetic or erotic reasons, more and more women and men are deciding for this type of hair removal. However, there are some myths about pubic hair removal.

In this article we explain everything you need to know about pubic hair removal .


Epilation of the pubis – what form to choose

The first thing you have to know is that the design there are thousands of designs to shape the pubic hair. Each person chooses the form that best suits their personality and needs. Keep in mind that, once you start, you can change design at your whim. Your imagination is the limit!

From more classic designs such as rectangle and triangle, to more daring forms like arrow or heart, the pubic zone lends itself to millions of shapes and designs. For the most daring, there are special dyes to dye the chosen design in colors.

Whether you’re bold or classic, we explain the designs that exist for you to choose the model that best suits your personality .

The famous bikini line

This is the most auspicious form for the most classic women . It consists of removing only the hair of the groin, leaving a triangle shaped but populated. That is, only the hairs that protrude from the bikini line are removed.

French or American Depilation

This design is ideal for women who are more daring but do not want to remove hair completely. It consists of leaving only one grating that extends from the mount of venus to the lips. The thickness of the line can vary from 2 to 4 cm. The size depends on you.

The Brazilian bikini

This model is appropriate for the most daring. It consists of removing pubic hair completely, including lips, perianal area, anal and buttocks, leaving a small strip on the mount of venus . This design is what we could understand as decorative hair removal, since many women choose to design this strip with all kinds of shapes and colors.

Styles can be more or less sophisticated: a heart, an arrow, a dartboard, some initials … your imagination and the skill you have when designing is the only limit of decorative hair removal.

Comprehensive hair removal

Also known as Playboy or Hollywood, this design consists of removing all the hair completely. This is the most drastic form not suitable for the most classic personalities. The pubis will be completely free of hair, like a doll’s.

But this is not all. If you want to wear colored hair, there are special dyes for this delicate area. From electric colors to softer shades. This technique is also ideal for women who want to dye their hair down there the same color as their hair. If you decide for it, and no one can tell you that you are not a natural blonde !


Techniques for depilation of the pubis

Most people who decide to remove hair down there do so for aesthetic reasons. Unlike other body areas, this area is exposed to greater injuries since here the skin is very fine and delicate. Knowing how to choose the most suitable method will avoid irritations and the appearance of annoying red hairs.

Below we explain how choose the most appropriate method according to the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

  • Wax . This is the method most used by most women. Waxing the pubis with wax is the most appropriate to remove hair from this delicate area. Although it is a quite painful technique, with the wax you will avoid irritations and itching. To prevent ingrown hairs, try to exfoliate the area well before re-plucking.
  • Blade . This method is one of the most aggressive for the skin. Being an area with many folds, if you do not shave correctly, you run the risk of cutting yourself. Being a wet area, cuts can become infected easily. In addition, pubic hair removal with a blade may irritate the skin excessively.
  • If you want to avoid itching, cuts and irritations make sure that the blade is always in good condition. An old blade will be your worst enemy. We recommend you buy one that is specific for women’s hair removal, since they are designed with more leaves, something that allows a closer shaving.
  • Cream . The creams act by burning the hair through chemical processes that can irritate the skin excessively. Being such a sensitive area, it is not advisable to depilate the pubis with depilatory cream. If you use it, try to limit yourself to the area of ​​English and the mountain of Venus. Never use it on the lips or the perianal area.
  • Laser . This technique serves to remove the hair of permanent and definitive form . Laser hair removal is perfect for those who want to forget about hairs forever. However, it is not advisable to remove the hair in an integral way, since it has the function of protecting the inside of the vagina from diseases.

Risks of pubic hair removal

Although the majority of people who decide for the depilation of the pubic zone affirms that it does it for aesthetic reasons, more and more are those that decide to do it for hygienic reasons . However, there is no study that demonstrates that the total or partial removal of hair in this delicate area improves the hygienic conditions of the area.

While the number of people who decide to do so increases, experts warn of the health risks of pubic hair removal. Although it has been shown to reduce the likelihood of getting crabs and lice, there is no study to show that this type of hair removal helps prevent disease. Quite the contrary.

Experts believe that pubic hair removal has no health benefit . In fact, the hair has the function of acting as the first barrier to the entry of possible pathogens. The complete removal of hair leaves the area more exposed to possible herpes infections and sexually transmitted diseases.

However, the most common problems arising from hair removal in this intimate area are usually infections derived from the cuts caused by the blade and the ingrown hairs. Preventing these complications is everyone’s responsibility. If you brush the pubis, it is not advisable to remove the hair in an integral way .


Six tips for a correct hair removal of the pubis

Despite the risks that exist for health, most complications are mild and are related to poor hair removal. To prevent irritations and infections, we recommend you follow these practical tips.

  1. Shave the area after you have taken a bath . The hot water vapor will cause the pore to open and the follicles to be softer. In this way you will ensure that the skin does not suffer so much when it comes to pulling the hair.
  2. Prepares the skin . Exfoliates the skin gently a few days before. As the skin of this area is fine and sensitive, use a gentle exfoliant. Do not apply hydrating cream until after a few hours.
  3. Choose the right hair removal method . Wax is the best option. Although it is the most painful technique, wax is the least aggressive method for the skin. In addition, when plucking the hairs from the root, you will wear the results for a longer time, so you will not have to shave as often.
  4. Use the correct blade . A sharp blade will not irritate your skin so much. Never share the razor blade. Diseases such as fungi can be transmitted through the blades.
  5. Observe the area on subsequent days . The appearance of red dots is common among those who choose to use wax. However, these dots should disappear after a few hours. If they persist, or observe the appearance of bruises, consider the possibility of changing technique.
  6. Take care of your skin . Apply an aloe vera gel after hair removal. This plant has anti-inflammatory properties that are ideal for regenerating the skin. Do not exfoliate the area during the following days. If you do nudism, do not expose the pubic area to the sun during the following days. Give your skin a two-day break before re-tanning it.

Now you know everything there is to know about how to pluck the pubis. Keep in mind this tips to show perfect skin free of irritations.


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