How to shave your testicles

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How to shave your testicles
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Do you want to wear soft, hairless male genitals? Due to the delicacy of the skin, the scrotal area is one of the most difficult to shave. Knowing how to wax your testicles correctly will help prevent pimples and skin irritations. In this article, we explain everything you need to know about male genital hair removal.

Reasons to choose male genital hair removal

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Although genital depilation has always been associated with women, many men now choose to remove hair down there. The main reasons that lead a man to remove genital hair are related to hygiene, aesthetics and the comfort of shaving his testicles, mainly in the hottest summer months.

However, more and more men are choosing to do so for erotic reasons. Partially or completely depilated genitals help increase erotic sensation and increase sexual attractiveness. In addition, removing excess hair in this area makes the genitals look enhanced, so you get the appearance of having a larger penis.

Testicle removal – which method to choose?

The skin of the scrotum is one of the most delicate on the male body. This means that the dermis is more likely to suffer the consequences of hair removal, such as irritation or itching. Therefore, it is important to choose the right technique. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each technique will help you to choose one or the other.

In this article we explain everything you need to know to choose the technique that best suits your needs.

How to shave your testicles with a razor

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The blade is the most commonly used technique for removing genital hair. This is mainly because it is a painless method of hair removal. In addition, most men are familiar with the blade, so it is easier to use than other methods. The biggest drawback to using the blade on this sensitive area is that the hairs will come back after a few days. This will require regular care that not all men are willing to assume. On the other hand, the blade also requires patience to be able to withstand the annoying itching that will appear the following days, when the hairs grow back.

If you decide to use this technique, it is advisable to cut your hair before starting to shave. You can use a pair of scissors and remove hair gradually, or you can use a razor like those used to trim beards. This will help you shave your hair more easily.

You should shave your testicles very carefully. Because of its irregular anatomy, the scrotal pouch is subject to greater cuts. To avoid them, stretch and tighten the skin when passing the blade. And, above all, don’t push too hard. This will prevent skin irritation.

The base of the penis is another point where you will have to be more careful. The circular anatomy of the penis requires shaving from top to bottom, and continued use of the blade in a hairless area can contribute to the appearance of much more.

Epilating the testicles with genital depilatory cream

Hair removal cream is an excellent option because it is a painless technique. In addition, it is a quick and easy method to use, which you can comfortably use at home while taking a shower.

Another advantage of the cream is that the results last longer than with the blade. Now, don’t expect the same length of time that the wax provides. The use of the genital cream will ensure two to three days longer than the blade.

The biggest drawback to using this technique is that there is a greater risk of irritating the skin. Not all skin reacts well to contact with the chemical components of creams. Let alone the skin of the scrotum!

To avoid allergies or adverse reactions, we recommend buying a cream for sensitive skin. It is important to test the cream on the back of your hand before applying it to your testicles. This will avoid annoying allergic reactions.

Male genital hair removal with electric razor

depilación testículos, depilación genitales masculinos, depilar genitales masculinosElectric razor technology has improved greatly in recent years. Today, most devices have heads specifically designed to shave the penis area. However, the results are not as rushed as with other techniques.

If you want to trim the hair instead of removing it completely, this is definitely your technique. The electric razor does not allow the hair to be completely removed, so you can fix the area without removing the hair completely.

The hair on the genital area is quite thick, so most razors do not achieve professional results.

Male Genital Waxing

Wax is a method suitable only for the brave. Although there are many advantages to using this technique, the biggest drawback is that it is a very painful and aggressive method. It is not recommended to use the wax if you do not know the technique well. Otherwise, you could get serious injuries from the tugging that this technique causes.

If you decide to use this method, it is advisable to use hot wax. Cold wax has the disadvantage that it is not as effective in removing thick hair, whereas hot wax is not resistant to any hair, however thick it may be.

The testicles are the most problematic area when waxing the genitals. To avoid burns or problems caused by bad hair removal, we recommend that you go to an aesthetic centre, where a professional will teach you the correct technique and give you advice on how to avoid injuries.

Advantages Disadvantages

✅Partially or fully depilated genitals help to increase the erotic sensation and increase sexual attractiveness.

✅Removing excess hair in this area makes the genitals stand out, so you get the appearance of having a larger penis.â

✅Hair removal cream is easy and fast. Your results take longer than with the blade.

✅The razor has heads made for the testicles.

✅The hot wax is efficient at pulling out the hair from the root and not leaving a single hair behind.

❌The biggest disadvantage of using the blade in this sensitive area is that the hairs come back after a few days.

❌The blade requires patience in order to withstand the annoying itching that will appear in the days to comeâ

❌Due to its irregular anatomy, the scrotal pouch is subject to greater cuts using a blade.

❌Hair removal cream can irritate the skin.

❌The hair is very thick and the result of the razor is not professional.

If you get burned by the wax, you could get seriously injured.

Tips for waxing the testicles correctly

Whichever method you choose, below you will find useful advice for the correct depilation of this sensitive area:Table-tennis-1432174 640

⭐Exfoliate the skin a few days early. Use a gentle exfoliant to remove dead cells. This contributes to the buried hairs coming to the surface and can be removed. Avoid exfoliating the skin of the penis and scrotum, as it is very sensitive and may irritate it.

⭐Cut the hair. Before you start waxing, you should trim your hair using scissors or an electric razor suitable for shaping sideburns or beards. This will help you remove the hairs comfortably.

⭐Use shaving foam. If you decide to use a razor to remove hair, try applying shaving cream or foam to the entire area first. Do not use the blade directly on the skin. This way you will avoid irritating her too much.

⭐Carefully wax the testicles. Be very careful when waxing your testicles. To do this, try to tighten the skin with the index finger and thumb of your free hand. Loose skin is very difficult to shave, so tightening it will make it easier.

Shave in the direction of hair growth. Since this is such a delicate area, it is advisable to shave it in the same direction as the hairline. Although this way the hair will come out faster, if you follow this advice you will prevent ingrown hairs.

⭐Calm the skin. It is important to apply a moisturizing lotion after waxing. The most suitable is to use an aloe vera gel, since this plant has anti-inflammatory and beneficial properties for the skin. If you prefer, you can also use an after shave as long as it does not contain alcohol.

Now you know everything there is to know about how to shave your testicles. Put these tips into practice and enjoy professional, risk-free hair removal.

Skin irritation to the penis from hair removal

The truth is that many people don’t find hair on the penis aesthetically pleasing, and even this can make sex uncomfortable. Thick, thick penis hairs that extend down the shaft can be abrasive to both partners, causing discomfort and irritation.

For athletes, hair is an even bigger problem, as it can get caught in the jockstrap or compression shorts, causing uncomfortable pulling and constant movement.

How to wax your penis? How to achieve a waxed penis? Here’s the thing. Waxing and trimming are not recommended for hyperfine and hypersensitive glans.

Shaving the penis is the simplest method of hair removal. Here we tell you how to shave your penis properly:

1️⃣Wet the area thoroughly to reduce friction and, if you are not circumcised, pull the foreskin forward.

2️⃣To shave the penis, drag the blade slowly over the hairs, trying to make a clean pass.

3️⃣Avoid using shaving cream because you won’t see any ridges or creases and you’ll cut yourself.

4️⃣Razor blades cut the hair on the surface of the skin and the pubic hair grows back bristly and rough. Shaving your penis frequently, perhaps every other day, should avoid any scrubbing brush.

5️⃣Be extremely careful. The genital skin is very soft and thin and can be easily injured. Open skin lesions will also take longer to heal because the skin stretches with erections.

And that’s it! Now you also know how to shave your penis to look like a clean, shaved penis.

Opinion on testicle removal

We know, it’s an intimate area… However, it is necessary that before you try different methods on your testicles, you go to a professional deliberately from the shame that you can feel. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry, right? And any mistakes in this area will be paid for dearly. Avoid hurting yourself.

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