How to epilate your arms

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How to epilate your arms
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Do you want to know how to wax your arms smoothly without irritating them ? Having black and thick body hair on your arms can be very annoying. More and more men and women are deciding on hair removal. Removing hair from this highly visible part of the body is a personal decision that depends on each one.

In this article you will find the different methods that exist and some tips to remove hair professionally .


How to remove hair on the arms of women

Some women feel very upset with their amount of body hair. While other areas of the body are easier to hide, arm hair is always in view . Whether for shame, for aesthetics or for comfort, in we explain everything you need to know about how to remove hair on your arms while being a woman.

The first thing you need to know is that there are different methods to eliminate body hair from this highly visible area. Choosing one method or another will depend on your personality and lifestyle. The time you have, the capacity you have to endure the pain and your economic resources will condition this choice.

Next, let’s look at the different methods of arm hair removal that exist.

Methods for hair removal without pain – Not long lasting

The methods to remove the arms without pain are short-lived. These techniques are not very painful because they cut the hair instead of uprooting it. This causes the hair to come out more quickly. In addition, the continued use of this type of method makes the hair grow thicker and in greater quantity.

But, what are the methods to pluck the arms without pain? Keep reading. You will find them below.

Shaving the arms: blade

This is undoubtedly the fastest method that exists. However, we do not recommend using the blade every day since its continued use will make the hair come out stronger and thicker as you depilate. If you do not want your arms to resemble those of a man, do not use this method very often.

If you’re in a hurry or whatever you decide to use the razor, the first thing you have to do is apply a shaving foam or a foaming soap. Next, pass the razor in the opposite direction to which the hair is born. To avoid cuts, shave in the same way as you would in the legs, but be very careful in the area of ​​the wrist and elbow.

Shaving the arms: cream

The hair removal cream has more durable results than the blade . However, in the long term the same thing can happen as with the razor: the hair will thicken and there will be more as time passes. On the other hand, it will take longer to shave than with the razor, since you have to wait a few minutes before the cream acts.

To remove your arms with cream correctly, we recommend you read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. The way to act of the cream is to burn body hair. If you spend time, you run the risk of burning your skin too. For very sensitive skin there are creams that are composed with aloe vera. This cactus has very beneficial effects for the skin.

Shaving the arms: discoloration

Discoloration of body hair can be a good option for those women who do not like to have hair on their arms but want to avoid feeling pain. However, we do not recommend discoloration for women who have a lot of hair . If you have a lot of hair, dying the blonde hair will make people notice more, especially when you’re not tanned yet.

Today there are very good products to discolor the hair that you can use yourself at home without too much complication.

Two tips : first, read the manufacturer’s instructions and follow them to the letter. And, second, it discolors the entire arm, not just the forearm. There is nothing uglier than carrying a zone of a different color. Or all or nothing.

Methods for shaving the arms with pain – The most durable

As always, being perfect and beautiful all year long has its price . The methods for shaving the most durable arms are also more painful. However, if you are used to shaving other parts of the body, you will be able to hold the pain in the arms without doing a drama of it.

Next, we’re going to look at the methods for shaving the arms that are painful but more durable.

Waxing the arms with wax

Whether hot or cold, wax is the most used method for female hair removal. And it’s also good for arm waxing.

This area of ​​the body you can epilate without problems yourself at home in the same way that you depilas other body parts. To achieve this, you have to apply the wax in the same direction towards which the hair grows and remove it with a quick, firm and dry pull in the opposite direction.

One piece of advice : be aware that the hair on the arm has different directions, so try not to apply wax sections that are too wide. Otherwise, when making the pull, some hairs could be cut instead of uprooted. Doing it bit by bit and by parts will be the best solution.

Depilating the arms with depilatory machine

If you decide on a female hair removal machine you will be able to pluck the hair at the root, so the hairs will weaken . In the long run, as with wax, the hair will be less abundant and less thick.

The only thing you have to know is that this is one of the most painful methods that exist. Unlike the wax, which starts quite large sections of hair in a single pass, the machine has built-in mini pliers that are responsible for pulling the hair. Although the movement is fast, these tweezers are pulling the hairs one by one, so the pain is a little higher.

If you are not used to using the machine, we recommend that you first do it with wax. Once the hair is weakened, the hair removal machine will be the easiest, cleanest and fastest option that exists.

Laser hair removal on arms

If you’re tired of shaving this part of your body and you want to remove hair from your arms forever the laser will be your best choice . With this method you will achieve that the hair will never come out again.

Laser hair removal in arms consists of going to an aesthetic center between 6 and 8 times every two months . The sessions you need will depend on your type of skin and hair. After these sessions, you will have to do an annual review to keep the area completely shaved forever.

This type of permanent hair removal works best with white skin with dark hair. It has the disadvantage that it is substantially more expensive than other methods .


How to depilate the arms of man

Whether for aesthetic reasons or for convenience, more and more men decide on hair removal. Although epilation of arms is less common among men than in women every day more men decide on hair removal for this part of the body. In this article you will find everything there is to know about how to pluck the arms of man.

There are different techniques for male arm hair removal. As in the case of women, we recommend that you opt for a technique that plucks hair from the root . Although these are more painful methods, the results are much more lasting. In addition, the hair will weaken little by little, so that each time it will hurt less.

If you are a man who already shaves, you have to know that it will not hurt as much as in other areas of the body. If you can stand the hair removal in the chest congratulations: you have stamina for any other area. Although, contrary to what you might suppose, the waxing of the arms hurts more than it seems.

If you want to know the methods of hair removal of arms you just have to read a little bit above, since they are exactly the same as for women. We recommend that you use wax, since it is the most effective method in the short and long term.

However, men tend to have more hair than women. If you want to learn how to wax your man’s arms with wax without feeling so much pain we recommend that you follow the following advice.

Tips for waxing male’s arms (if you use wax)

In the event that a man shaves his arms with wax he must take into account a series of tips so that the result is optimal. Here we leave you:

  • Look closely at the sense of hair : the hair on the male arms is not born from elbow to wrist, but precisely in a perpendicular sense. Remember that the wax is applied following the direction of hair growth and that it starts in the opposite direction.
  • Do not apply large sections of wax : it is very important that you follow the direction of hair growth. It may be that your hair presents different directions. For a correct hair removal, apply the wax following the different directions. If you use wax sections that are too wide, you could lose the direction of the hair and cut some hairs instead of pulling them out by the roots.
  • Leave sections in white or : apply the wax leaving the middle of the arm white, that is, without wax. This part that you have left without wax will serve to pull the skin against the pull. This gesture will make you feel less pain when pulling the depilatory band. If you do it this way, you can hold the skin with your free hand below the area to be removed.

Follow these tips on how to remove your arms: choose your method and do not forget to apply a cream after the hair removal. You will show some arms of infarction!


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