How to wax

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How to wax
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Learning how to wax is important so as not to damage the skin. Whether out of fear of pain or comfort, many people choose to go to an aesthetics center. But, if you know how to do it yourself, you can shave where and when you want without having to make an appointment, saving time and, above all, money. In this article we explain everything you need to know to wax yourself and show off a hairless body.

Waxing at home

Captura De Pantalla 2020-01-24 A Las 12 42 49Home waxing is one of the most popular, as it gives very good results over a period of three to five weeks. Whatever method you choose, in this article you will find all the information you need to do it yourself in a professional way.

Many people choose to have their hair waxed at home because of scheduling problems or because they prefer the solitude of their home to get through “the bad stuff”. Although we assure you that it is not a big deal, if you are wondering if waxing really hurts, the answer is that it can be annoying but it is easily bearable.

How to wax at home?

Now we tell you a little guide to waxing at home. Take note of these simple steps and look at the perfect legs for this summer!

1️⃣Skin ready. To face waxing you must have clean and dry skin. In fact, it is recommended that you exfoliate your skin the day before so that you do not have any traces that hinder the function of the wax.

2️⃣Warm it up. In the case that you work with natural wax, put it in a pot that allows you to calculate the temperature at which it is to avoid burns on your skin. In fact, it is recommended that you put a small amount in your hand to check.

3️⃣Spread it. If you are going to wax your arms, for example, spread the strip wax on your skin with the help of a wooden spoon or a spatula. It starts from the top as it is the way the hair grows. Or if you are going to pluck your eyebrows, use a spatula or wooden sticks to spread it out precisely.

4️⃣Pull! Yes, we know it’s the worst time but it’s what makes the process effective. Don’t wait too long to throw it away, otherwise the wax will stick to your skin and you will be in a little trouble.

5️⃣Repeat. The moment you think that some hair has been left without being pulled out and you have to repeat the process, you should know that you have to wait for the area to cool down in order to have the perfect result and, at the same time, not produce any damage to your skin.

Hot waxing

Hot waxing is one of the best options available. Being hot, its application makes the pore open, which helps hair removal more easily. The fact that the pore is open makes it less painful to pull.

There are two main methods used for hot waxing at home. The first is the classic microwaveable container. It always comes with a spatula to apply the wax and with some strips of cloth for depilation. The second is an electrically heated roll-on wax appliance, which applies the wax directly to the skin.

Whether you choose one method or the other, the steps you need to follow to depilate professionally are exactly the same. Below you will find tips on how to apply it with the roll-on method.

depilarse con cera

How to remove hair with hot wax in the microwave: the best advice!

Now we are going to give you some important tips to keep in mind when it comes to waxing. They’re next:

Before waxing

⭐Exfoliate your skin one or two days before waxing. This will help pull the hair out of the follicle and prevent the appearance of pimples and ingrown hairs. To do this, use a horsehair glove. Never exfoliate your skin on the same day as your hair removal! It could become too sensitive and be damaged when the wax is applied.

⭐Dont sunbathe two days before waxing. After sunbathing, the skin is very sensitive and irritated. If you wax it, you can seriously damage it.

⭐Apply a non-greasy (water-based) moisturizing lotion two or three hours before in the area to be waxed. This will help the hair come out more easily. Under no circumstances should you use a lotion or fat cream.

⭐Wait until the hair is about 5 mm long. This will ensure optimal results. Although the hot wax removes hairs up to 3 mm long.

⭐ Once you have prepared the skin, place it on an old towel or a piece of cloth that you no longer use. This will be your place for waxing. This way you will avoid the possible wax stains that are so difficult to remove from the tissue.

Cera⭐Heat the wax according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The best way not to burn yourself is to let it cool down for a few minutes. To apply the wax to the skin without burning yourself, the wax must be at most 42 degrees.

⭐Before applying the wax check the temperature on the back of the hand. If it doesn’t burn you, you can start now!

During depilation

⭐Apply the wax using the spatula and following the direction of the hair growth. This is very important, as it will make sure you get the hair out of your root.

⭐Apply the wax by creating a strip the size of the hair removal strips. The thickness of the wax must not exceed 1 cm.

⭐Place the strip on top of the wax before it dries. Wait a few seconds and pull in the opposite direction of the hairline. The pull has to be firm and dry. You can hold the skin at the bottom, away from where you are pulling, so that it hurts less.

⭐Allow the skin to cool down before reapplying the wax to re-wax the area.

After waxing

⭐Moisturize the skin after depilation and/or apply a soothing product such as aloe vera gel. This will help you recover more quickly. This step is vital especially after you have had your bikini line waxed.

⭐Don’t sunbathe for the next 12 hours. It is common for the skin to show patches or redness after waxing. The sun could irritate the area. Lavender oil helps reduce swelling and redness of the skin.

If you follow these tips regularly and wax your hair with a hot wax every three to five weeks, you will see that the hair becomes weaker and less thick over time.

Waxing with roll-on wax

Roll-on waxing is one of the most commonly used among people who wax at home. It is very easy to apply and does not get as dirty as other waxes. In addition, it comes with a thermostat that keeps the wax at an appropriate and constant temperature throughout the waxing process.

Roll On WaxAs a negative point, you should know that it is advisable to have at least two roll-on heaters at home. It is common for the cartridge to run out in mid-wax. If you have two heaters connected at the same time, you can heat up another cartridge while waxing.

How to wax with roll-on:

Roll-on warm wax is a more convenient and hygienic way to remove unwanted hair with the same effective results. Wax roll-ons are equipped with a cartridge that “snaps” directly onto an applicator that has been designed to self-heat. This applicator heats the wax to the desired temperature. These heaters ensure that wax coats are always dispensed for uniform, smooth and complete coverage with each application.

For a correct application it is important not to press the container. Letting the wax run down by itself will be the best option. Before applying it to the skin, test it on a piece of paper or a hair removal tape, because it will not come out evenly at first. Once you have checked that a uniform band comes out, you can apply it to the skin.

To wax with roll-on wax, you should follow the advice given above in this article. Prepare the skin first before starting to wax, apply the wax correctly and evenly and follow the post-waxing tips.

Advantages of roll-on hair removal

✅There is no need to manipulate the wax. Hair removal is done at a considerably low temperature so as not to burn the skin.

✅No wax drip.

It is water soluble, which means that it is easier to clean any residue that may remain on the skin after waxing.

✅It is an economical option, most only requiring one cartridge for four or more uses or four large areas, such as the leg.

✅Only the exact amount of wax is used because it comes pre-measured, which means there is no waste and the supply can last longer.

✅It is a hygienic method, since there is no immersion of wax. And the best thing is a painless depilation.

Cold waxing:

Waxing with cold wax has infinite advantages. The biggest one is that you can do it anywhere

Cera Fria

ar. If you are travelling or away from home, you can put in your bag some

Cold waxing and waxing anywhere in record time. In addition, cold wax is much cleaner than hot wax. And best of all: cold waxing is cheaper.

Let’s see 4 tricks for cold waxing. Once you finish reading, you won’t understand how you could go so long without using cold wax strips!

How to use the cold wax? Follow these simple steps!

As with the hot wax, you will need to exfoliate your skin a few days before using the cold wax. Once your skin is ready:

1️⃣Take a strip of cold wax and rub it with both hands for about five seconds to warm it up. This makes it easier for the wax to adhere to the hair. Next, separate the two strips and take one of them to place in the area to be waxed.

2️⃣Hold the band of cold wax on the skin following the direction of hair growth. Hold your skin with your other hand to avoid doing so much damage. Next, stretch the depilatory band in the opposite direction from the hairline. The pull should be firm and dry, following the path marked by the skin. Do not pull up towards the ceiling or you will only damage yourself without pulling out the hair.

3️⃣Repeat the operation throughout the area to be waxed.

4️⃣When you are done, clean off excess wax with soap and water or an oil. Most brands of cold waxes come with a few oil wipes for after the waxing, but if you don’t have any, you can also use olive oil.

Advantages and disadvantages of cold waxing


✅Is a very fast method and not very cumbersome, but with the same results as hot wax.

✅The hair is pulled out of the root, so the result lasts between 3 and 5 weeks.

✅Less painful than hot wax and you do not run the risk of burning yourself with the excess temperature of traditional wax.

✅You can reuse the bands several times. The strips can continue to be used until they no longer stick to the skin.

✅You can easily cut the strips to the size you want.

❌It doesnt always pull out the root hair first. As more passes are made, the skin can be more easily irritated.

depilacion con cera

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Male waxing

More and more men are taking up the challenge of waxing for men. This is because it has the advantage that the results last much longer than with any other technique. The only drawback is that it is more painful than other methods of hair removal.

Hombre DepiladoIf you are a man who always likes to get a good shave, we recommend that you try waxing for men, whether it is hot or cold. The first time hurts the most and, if you don’t know the technique, you can damage your skin or not dare to remove the strips. Waxing methods are the same as for women’s hair removal. So if you decide to wax, simply follow the waxing tips in this article.

To be able to choose between hot and cold wax, you need to know that hot wax works best on the people who have the most hair, as it is more accurate and you don’t have to do as many passes to achieve professional results. Although cold wax is less cumbersome than hot wax, it is not recommended to use cold wax, as you will have to make many more passes. In the long run, it will cost you more than hot wax.

Tips for waxing:

Here are some tips that will also help you to make waxing painless:

⭐ You should expect the hair to be at least 5mm on the legs and 6mm if you are waxing the bikini line. This way the hair will be consistent and you can remove it more effectively.

⭐ A good peel is important. For the bikini area, first cut the longest hair with scissors and, days before, exfoliate that area. This will prevent your hair from becoming encrusted.

⭐ If you want to do your waxing at home, you have lots of products to use that allow you to do it in different ways. There are special waxes for heating in the microwave or directly in roll-on appliances that are heated by electricity and always keep the wax at the right temperature.

⭐ If you go to a beauty centre to wax, we advise you to check that it is reliable and that they have only used the wax for you. Come on, it’s a one-time use. If it’s not, believe it or not, you can create skin infections.

Advantages and disadvantages of waxing


It lasts quite a while. It takes three to five weeks for the hair to come back.

✅The hair will come back much finer and will cost less to pluck on subsequent occasions.

✅The more often you wax, the hair will take longer to come out.

✅If you finish the depilation well hydrated, you will notice how your skin will be much softer and cleaner.

It hurts a little, especially in the bikini area.

❌It is necessary to wait until the hair grows to at least 5 cm to be able to depilate it and remove it easily.

Getting a good waxing

Here you will find the best waxing kits to enjoy professional hair removal from the comfort of your home! The important thing is to master the technique, so donâ??t worry if it doesnâ??t work out the way you thought it would at first.

The place where you will be waxing is also important. You should have all the tools for waxing at hand to make it comfortable and easy.

Other tips for waxing

⭐The wax must always be warm. Do not apply it hot under any circumstances. In fact, we recommend that before applying it you check its temperature very well so as not to take unnecessary risks.

⭐You can use lavender oil when you finish, it helps to reduce the inflammation of the skin. If you are going to the beach, remember to wax at least three or four days in advance to avoid redness.

If you are going to wax for an appointment or special occasion, bear in mind that, after waxing, the skin may become red, so try to wax at least one day beforehand.

Never apply wax on wounds, do not put layers of wax on top of each other. One coat is enough. And, if it’s not, repeat the process.

As you can see, waxing has more pros than cons, yes, every skin and every person is different. So you choose the best option for you. Tell us the results! Now home waxing has no more secrets for you. It’s just a matter of daring all the methods and seeing which one suits your needs best, and showing off a perfect hairless body!

Opinion on waxing

There is a method of hair removal that fits each person. However, waxing is one of the most popular and effective methods. Although it may take some getting used to, the results are definitely rewarding.

In our opinion, it is best to experiment with each method until we find the one that best suits us, our lifestyle and our skin. However, it is always necessary to follow the steps indicated and maintain the safety regulations. Feeling soft doesn’t always have to be a dream!

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