How to epilate with wax

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How to epilate with wax
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Learning how to wax with wax is important not to damage the skin . Whether for fear of pain or for comfort, many people choose to go to an aesthetic center. But, if you know how to do it yourself, you can shave where and when you want without having to make an appointment, you will save time and, above all, money. In this article we explain everything you need to know to wax yourself and show off a body without hair.

Waxing at home

Home waxing is one of the most popular since it gives very good results over a long period of time (three to five weeks). There are different techniques of waxing whether hot, cold, with bands or roll-on, and each has its trick. Opting for the method you choose, in this article you will find all the necessary information to do it yourself in a professional way.

There are many people who opt for waxing at home due to scheduling problems or because, directly, they prefer the solitude of their home to spend “the bad drink”. Although we assure you that it is not so much, if you wonder if waxing hurts a lot the answer is no. It is true that it can be annoying but it is easily bearable. In fact, millions of women have survived! So, you will too. We now tell you a small guide for waxing at home. Take note of the steps and look some perfect legs for this summer .

  • Prepared skin. To deal with waxing you must have clean and dry skin. In fact, it is recommended to exfoliate the skin the day before so as not to have any trace that hinders the function of the wax.
  • Warm It Up In the case that you work with natural wax, put it in a pan that allows you to calculate the temperature at which it is to avoid burns on your skin. In fact, it is recommended to put a small amount in your hand to check it.
  • Espárcela. If, for example, you go to to shave your arms spread the wax as a band on your skin with the help of a wooden spoon or a spatula. It starts from top to bottom as it is the way the hair grows.
  • Pull! Yes, we know it’s the worst moment but it’s the one that makes the process effective. Do not wait too long to throw, otherwise the wax will stick to your skin and you will find yourself in a small problem.
  • Repeat. The moment you think that some hair has run out and you have to repeat the process, you should know that you have to wait for the area to cool down to have the perfect result and, at the same time, not cause any damage to you. the skin.

Waxing with hot wax

Waxing with hot wax is one of the best options available. Being hot, its application makes the pore open which helps to remove hair more easily. The fact of having an open pore does not hurt so much when throwing. However, it is also easier to damage the skin, mainly due to irritations and burns.

The most commonly used methods for waxing hot at home are mainly two. The first is the classic container that is heated to the microwave . Always comes with a spatula to apply the wax and with some cloth bands for hair removal. The second is a roll-on wax apparatus of electric heating, which applies wax directly to the skin.

Whether you choose one method or the other, the steps you must follow to shave professionally are exactly the same. Only the way to apply the wax changes. Then we explain how you should do it using the spatula, that is, with the wax that is heated in the microwave. Below you will find tips for applying it with the roll-on method.


Tips for epilating with hot wax in the microwave

Now we’re going to give you some important tips to keep in mind when shaving. They are the following:

Tips before hair removal

  • Exfoliate your skin one or two days before hair removal . This will help to remove the hair from the follicle and prevent the appearance of granites and encysted hairs. To do so, use a horsehair glove. Never exfoliate your skin on the day of waxing! May be too sensitive and damaged when applying wax.
  • Do not take the sun two days before waxing. After sunbathing, the skin is very sensitive and irritated. If you blow it away, you can seriously damage it.
  • Apply a moisturizing lotion that is not greasy (water-based) two or three hours before in the area to be removed. This will help the hair come out more easily. Under no circumstances should you use a lotion or oily cream.
  • Wait until the hair is about 5 mm long . This way you will ensure optimal results. Although the hot wax pulls hairs up to 3 mm long.
  • Once you have prepared the skin, put yourself on top of an old towel or a piece of cloth that you no longer use. This will be your place for hair removal. This way you will avoid the possible wax stains that are so difficult to remove from the tissue.

Preparing wax for hair removal

  • Heat the wax according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Keep in mind that the temperature of the skin is between 36 and 37 degrees, and that the wax does not melt until 55 degrees. The best way to not burn yourself is to let it cool for a few minutes. To apply the wax on the skin without burning, the wax has to be at most at 42 degrees.
  • Before applying the wax check the temperature on the back of the hand . If it does not burn you, you can start now!

Start hair removal at home

  • Apply the wax using the spatula and following the direction of hair growth. This is very important, since that way you’ll make sure you pull the hair out by the roots.
  • Apply the wax creating a strip the size of the depilatory bands. The thickness of the wax should not be more than 1 cm thick.
  • Place the strip or depilatory strip on top of the wax before it dries. Wait a few seconds and pull away from the hairline. The pull has to be firm and dry. You can hold the skin at the bottom, in the opposite direction to where you are pulling, so that it hurts less.
  • Let the skin cool before re-applying the wax to review the area.

After hair removal

  • Moisturizes the skin after waxing. In this way it will recover more quickly.
  • Do not take the sun for the next 12 hours. It is common for the skin to show spots or redness after waxing. The sun could irritate the area. Lavender oil helps to reduce the swelling and redness of the skin.

If you follow these tips on a regular basis and you clean with hot wax every three or five weeks, you will see that the hair weakens and decreases in amount and thickness over time.


Depilation with roll-on wax

Waxing with wax roll-on is one of the most used among people who wax at home. It is very easy to apply and does not get as dirty as other waxes. In addition, it comes with a thermostat that keeps the wax at a suitable and constant temperature throughout the depilation.

Roll-on wax comes in the form of non-reusable cartridges that are inserted inside a heater. Thanks to the roll-on, the application of the wax is fast, easy and uniform . It has the advantage that it needs less temperature to warm up, making it harder to burn than with traditional wax.

As a negative point, you should know that it is advisable to have at least two roll-on heaters at home . It is usual that the cartridge is finished half hair removal. If you have two heaters connected at the same time, you will be able to heat another cartridge while you depopulate. So, when the first one is finished, you will not have to wait for the other to warm up.

For a correct application it is important not to tighten the container. Letting the wax go down alone will be the best option. Before applying it to the skin, test on a sheet of paper or on a depilatory tape, since at the beginning it will not come out evenly. Once you have checked that a uniform band comes out, you can apply it to your skin.

To wax with wax roll-on, you should follow the advice that is a little bit higher in this article. First prepare the skin before you begin to depilate, apply the wax correctly in a uniform way and follow the tips for after epilation.

How to depilate with cold wax

Depiling yourself with cold wax has infinite advantages. The biggest one is that you can do it anywhere. If you’re going on a trip or you’re out of the house, you can put cold wax bands in your bag and shave anywhere in record time. In addition, cold wax is much cleaner than hot wax . And best of all: depilating with cold wax is cheaper .

Let’s see four tricks for cold waxing. Once you finish reading, you will not understand how you could have been so long without using cold wax bands!


How to use cold wax

As with hot wax, you will have to exfoliate your skin a few days before to use the cold wax. Once you have the skin prepared, take a cold wax band and rub it with both hands for about five seconds to warm it . In this way you will get the wax to adhere more easily to the hair you want to eliminate. Next, separate the two bands and take one of them to place it in the area to be removed.

Hook the cold wax band on the skin following the direction of hair growth. Hold the skin with the other hand to avoid doing so much damage. Next, stretch the depilatory band in the opposite direction to the hairline. The pull should be firm and dry following the path that marks the skin. The movement is similar to that of turning a page of a book, but fast and firm. Do not pull up, toward the ceiling, or you’ll only get hurt without pulling the hair.

Repeat the operation throughout the entire area to be depilated. When finished, clean the excess wax with soap and water or an oil. Most brands of cold wax come with some oil wipes for after waxing, but if you do not have one, you can also use olive oil.

Advantages of depilating with cold wax

One of the advantages of depilating with cold wax is that it is a very fast and little cumbersome method but with the same results as with hot wax. The hair is pulled from the root, so the result lasts between three and five weeks. In addition, it is less painful than hot wax and you do not run the risk of burning yourself with the excess temperature of traditional wax.

Another advantage is that you can reuse the bands several times . The strips can continue to be used until they no longer stick to the skin. In addition, although there are different sizes of depilatory strips depending on the area of ​​the body that you want to depilate, another advantage is that you can cut them without problem to adapt them to the size you want .


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Disadvantage of epilating with cold wax

The biggest drawback of cold wax is that the bands do not always pull the hair from the root to the first . You have to do more passes than with hot wax. This makes the skin irritated more easily. On the other hand, there are cold wax bands for sensitive skin, formulated with aloe vera, which help to avoid irritation.

As we have seen, although the hair is not pulled up by the roots, the result is very similar to that of the traditional wax. Now you just have to choose which method you prefer.

Male waxing with wax

More and more men are daring with waxing male with wax. This is because it has the advantage that the results last much longer than with any other technique. The only drawback is that it is more painful than other methods of hair removal .

If you are a man who likes to always be well shaved, we recommend you try the male hair removal with wax. With this technique you will avoid shaving every three or four days since the results last between three and four weeks. In addition, the wax causes the hair to weaken as you use it, so you will have less and less pain each time.

If you decide on this type of hair removal, we recommend that you go to a beauty center the first time to have it done by a professional. The first time is the one that hurts the most and, if you do not know the technique, you can damage your skin or not dare to remove the depilatory strips.

The methods of waxing are the same as in the case of the female hair removal . So if you decide to wax with wax, you just have to follow the waxing tips that you’ll find a bit more in this article.

To be able to choose between hot wax and cold wax, you have to know that hot wax is less painful than cold wax. In addition, hot wax works best with people who have more hair, because it has more precision and do not have to do so many passes to achieve professional results.

Although cold wax is less cumbersome than hot wax it is not advisable to use cold wax, since you will have to make many more passes. In the long run, you will find it more expensive than with hot wax.

Waxing exists in our lives long before we can remember it. It has always been the epilation form par excellence thanks to good results and durability. But, what is really the wax? It is a melted resin that crushes the hair with the help of a wooden spatula and is responsible for uprooting it by drying with a strong pull. The hot wax is usually the most used because it is the most effective of all. With heat, the pores of the skin open and the hair comes to the surface much more easily and less pain.

The laser hair removal is eating ground but, the truth is that the benefits of waxing are many and why people continue to demand much in the hair removal centers

Recommendations for waxing

We have a trick to shave wax with which you will avoid running the risk of getting hair or red pimples that appear to infect your skin. Therefore, keep in mind that you must pull the wax in the opposite direction to the hair that grows. That is, if the hair grows from top to bottom, then you should also stretch from top to bottom. That can cause that, as we have said before, some hair remains unruly but, do not worry, you just have to repeat the process and you will get to eliminate them all.

We also give you recommendations for after waxing . The skin, in any type of hair removal always suffers. For this reason, we recommend that, when you finish, you will definitely find some moisturizer (products with aloe vera work very well) or some type of natural oil. The reason is simple, the skin is dry and has to be re-hydrated to be perfect and bright.

Secrets of waxing

Here are some secrets that will also help you how to avoid waxing hurts .

  • The measure is important. You have to wait for the hair to measure at least 5mm in the legs and 6mm if you are going to wax the bikini area. In this way the hair will have consistency and you can eliminate it more effectively.
  • Exfoliate. A good exfoliation is important. For the bikini area, first cut the longest hair with scissors and, days before, exfoliate that area. This way, you will prevent the hair from getting entangled.
  • Do it at home. If you want to do waxing at home, you have lots of products to use and that allow you to do it in different ways. There are special waxes for heating in the microwave or, directly, roll on appliances that are heated thanks to electricity and keeps the wax always at the right temperature.
  • Be careful if you do it outside. If you go to a beauty center for waxing, we advise you to check that it is legit and that you have only used wax for yourself. Come on, it’s for single use. If it is not, even if you do not believe it, you can create skin infections.

Advantages and disadvantages of waxing

Like all waxing techniques, wax also has its good things and its not so good things. We will detail them all so you know exactly what decision to make. Aim well!

Advantages of waxing. First of all, as we have already told you, waxing lasts for a long time and it takes three to five weeks to remove the hair. The best thing, too, is that it will return much finer and will cost less to start on subsequent occasions. You should also know that often we shave more often, the hair will take longer to leave and get legs free of hair for much longer. And finally, when you finish with hair removal, if you have hydrated well, you will notice how your skin is much smoother and cleaner than when, for example, you use the epilation machine .

Disadvantages of waxing. Well, it’s true, the waxing hurts a bit, especially in the area of ​​the bikini area. But do not worry, you will notice the discomfort on the first occasions, as you shave the discomfort will go less. And, another of its disadvantages, is that as we have already mentioned, it is necessary to wait until the hair grows to at least 5mm to be able to remove it and remove it easily.

Getting a good hair removal with wax

Getting a good waxing is important for the system to last. Also, as we said, it is much cheaper than any other if you do it comfortably at home. The important thing is to master the technique, so do not worry if at first it does not come out as you thought. Before waxing you must exfoliate the skin a few days before it is clean, do it with a horsehair glove and remember to repeat this process once a week. Of course, after waxing you must wait at least four days to perform it.

You have to take into account that you can not sunbathe before waxing since the heat causes the skin to be much more sensitive and, imagine, if you get to throw the wax hot. Your skin can suffer a lot. And, we also recommend that you hydrate your skin very well three or four hours before to hydrate the pores and that the hair comes out much better.

The place where you are going to shave is also important. You must have all waxing tools by hand so you can do it comfortably and simply.

Other requirements for waxing

The wax should always be warm, do not apply it hot under any circumstances. In fact, we recommend that before applying it, it controls its temperature very well so as not to take unnecessary risks.

You can use lavender oil at the end because it helps to reduce skin inflammation. In the event that you are going to go to the beach, remember to shave at least three or four days in advance to avoid redness. In case you change brands, try it 24 hours before in a small area of ​​the body to avoid allergic reactions to waxing . If you are going to shave for an appointment or special occasion, bear in mind that, after waxing the skin may remain red, so try to shave at least one day before.

Never apply wax on wounds and do not overlap layers of wax on top of each other. With one layer is enough. And, if it is not, repeat the process.

As you see the waxing has more pros than cons, yes, each skin and each person is different. So you choose the best option for you. Tell us the results!

Now the homemade waxing no longer has secrets for you. It’s just a matter of daring with all the methods and see which of them best suits your needs, and show off a perfect body without hair!


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