How to epilate with epilator

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How to epilate with epilator
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Hair removal with epilator has always been one of the most chosen bets by women (and more and more men) to remove hair from their skin. In fact, it is part of their beauty kit and they become indispensable in travel and everyday life. The first thing we want you to know is that each person is a world, each type of hair also, and each rhythm of life is different. Therefore, it is you who has to decide which method you will use according to your skin type and your availability.

In fact, if you have a hectic and hectic life rhythm, the hair removal with electric epilator may be your favorite method. It may not last as long as waxing but it is a fairly durable system. In this article we tell you absolutely everything for achieve a perfect hair removal with the epilator . Take note!

How epilation works with epilator

The first electric epilator came to the beauty market in 1986 and, thanks to the breakthrough of technology and to everyone’s happiness, now they are not what they used to be. Forget those ancient stories that told the great pain that these machines produced, now, you barely notice a slight discomfort.

The hair removal with electric epilator removes root hair thanks to a roller that has small tweezers and that, as they go forward, they remove the hairs. It usually has two speeds depending on the thickness and the amount of hair. In addition, as in everything, you have different prices, although we assure you that epilators that are cheaper and therefore more basic, tend to work very well in leg hair removal or in armpits and groin. And, the most expensive, as usual have different heads that you can exchange depending on the part of the body that you are going to depilate. In fact, if you want to perform a facial hair removal with electric epilator there is also someone who takes it.

Tips for epilating with electric epilator

It may seem that using the electric epilator is very easy and yes, it may be, but we are going to give you some advice on how to make hair removal with epilator less painful . Yes, you read it right. It is possible.

  • Exfoliates. A good exfoliation exfoliation is indispensable for achieve a perfect hair removal with the electric epilator . In this way you get rid of dead cells and the hair will come out much better. It is important to do it in all the areas where you are going to pass the machine.
  • Sensitivity. If you epilation with epilator hurts anyway, we recommend that you rub the area with ice cubes before passing the machine. With this you will be able to anesthetize the area and the sensation of pulling the hair will not be noticed as much. Above all you must do it if you have shaved recently with a blade because the area will remain sensitive.
  • Tense your skin. It is easy and simple per very effective. With your free hand tense the skin a bit and you will notice less of the pull produced.
  • Sense opposite. It is important to shave in the opposite direction in which it grows, that is, the hair usually grows from top to bottom, because you will have to shave backwards, from bottom to top so that the clipper can adhere well to the hair and pull it off.
  • Clean it well . It is important that when you finish epilating clean the epilator well so that its operation, when you use it again later, is appropriate. Also, you should never share it since its use is very personal.
  • Care in the armpits. If you are going to shave your armpits with an electric epilator, keep in mind that in that area the hair grows in different directions. Therefore, you will have to review it well in different ways.

Epilation Tips with Epilator

Here we give you a series of tips to make your skin look perfect after epilating with an electric epilator . Take note because they are important and will make your skin recover better.

  • Do not put yourself in the sun. You must wait at least 24 hours before putting yourself in the sun after shaving. Keep in mind that in each hair removal, whatever the method, the skin suffers a lot and is much more sensitive to external effects. So, if you are thinking of shaving to go to the beach or the pool, do it one day in advance!
  • Correct length. So that the hair is removed properly and you achieve a perfect hair removal with electric epilator you have to take into account that the hair length must have at least three millimeters in length. This way, it will not cut it, but it will eliminate it by its roots.

Areas to use the electric epilator

The good thing about the electric epilator is that, as we said, there are several heads that allow you to use them in basically each and every part of your body. Of course, those that do not have replaceable heads can only be used on the legs, the arms or the wider areas. For example, you can not make a Brazilian hair removal with the electric epilator if you do not have the necessary head.

In the case of the face hair removal with electric epilator you should know that it is limited to areas like the upper lip (the mustache of a lifetime) and always and when it also carries the necessary head. Currently there are others that are much smaller and allow you to make eyebrows too.

Does hair removal hurt with an electric epilator?

As we told you, the great technological advances in the field have meant that today the pain caused by the razor is less. Of course, you should not forget that the hair is removed at the root so, something is going to bother you. Even so, today there are electric epilators that incorporate bands of cold gel to reduce pain or that allow you to wax while you are douche and make the sensation of jerking when the pore is opened.

As for which is the best epilator on the market the opinions are diverse. Each person is different and each hair also so, what is possibly best for you may be worse for another person. We recommend that if you are going to make the investment, do it well. Get an epilator that, without going too much of the price, has more than one head so that if at some point you want to perform a depilation of the bikini area with an epilator for example, you can do it.

Advantages of the electric epilator

We have been discussing it already but we highlight the main advantages offered by the epilator. First of all, it is clear, when plucking the root hair the hair removal with electric epilator lasts a lot . And, second, we highlight the price. If you consider what you save in creams, lasers or wax, in the long run you save a lot. The razors are usually not entirely expensive and in a short time you will have amortized. And, thirdly, we will emphasize its simplicity of use and comfort, in a few minutes you will have a perfect skin and free of hair.

Disadvantages of the electric epilator

As with wax, the possibility of cystic hair appearing is likely since the hair is removed from the root but, in principle, if you exfoliate your skin well before starting you will not have any problem. Another problem is the sensitivity of the skin to the end, therefore, the use of a suitable cream or a natural oil will be essential for the skin to return to its normal state. And, third, the annoyance. Although this is practically surpassed.

Let us advise you when buying an electric epilator

It is important that you keep in mind your needs at the time of buy an epilator . There are many brands and each of them has different options and accessories so do not rush and choose well. Think of the areas that you want to shave with her to have the necessary heads and trust reputable brands that give you a certain guarantee of purchase. You will see how in the long run you will appreciate having spent a little more money if the result is much better and you have an epilator practically forever. Move to the electric epilator, you will not regret it!

In short, the hair removal with electric epilator always tends to carry positive connotations for the person who uses it. Therefore, if you are thinking of finding an effective method to wax, economic and durable, get a good machine can save you more than a hurry.

Just remember to follow our hair removal tips with electric epilator and our tips and tips. In this way you will get the perfect result on your skin. And, above all, remember that, as we have told you, each type of skin is different and your hair may not be made for the epilator or, on the contrary, you may find in it your infallible method. Shuffle options and sure you find the best for you.

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