How to epilate underarms

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How to epilate underarms
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Do you want to know how to wax your armpits smoothly and easily ? The armpits are a particularly delicate area of ​​the body. Not only because the skin is a little more sensitive than in other areas, but also because it is an area of ​​the body in which various glands are found.

A bad hair removal could be too aggressive and could damage the skin or inflame the lymph nodes, which is not recommended.

To achieve an effective hair removal without damaging the skin or the nodes you must first know that there are different methods for underarm hair removal.

In this article we will focus on explaining the different techniques available so that you know how to pluck the armpits without irritating them .

The best methods for underarm hair removal

As we have seen, underarm hair removal has its risks if you do not know the advantages and disadvantages of choosing one method or another. From the methods that pull the hair from the root, a little more aggressive for the ganglia, to the methods that cut the hair, which are more prone to irritate the skin, in we explain the best tricks to prevent injuries.

Plucking the hair from the root with hair removal

Armpit hair removal with methods that remove root hair is contraindicated for those people who are prone to lymph node inflammation . In this area of ​​the body are between 20 and 30 lymph nodes, which in this area are called axillary lymph nodes, which are responsible for detecting viruses and bacteria and accumulate white blood cells that fight against infection.

Hair removal methods that pluck hair by the roots require a pull to remove hair effectively. This pull, caused by both hot methods and cold methods, can create microscopic lesions that manifest as swelling. Both the wax and the electric razor can cause these injuries. As a positive part, it is important to emphasize that this type of methods, although they hurt more, have the advantage that they give more lasting results. On the other hand, we must wait until the hair is a little long so we can eliminate it again.

Methods that cut hair

Depilation of armpits with methods that cut the hair is indicated for any type of person. When not an aggressive technique, it can be used in people who have inflammation of the lymph nodes, avoiding the risk that involves the use of other methods. In spite of this, it is frequent to irritate the armpits if it is not done correctly.

The use of methods that cut the hair instead of plucking it from the roots have the disadvantage that its effects are not so long lasting . In addition, the hair comes out stronger and faster as it is used year after year, so you will have to do it more and more frequently.

On the other hand, it has the advantage that you can do it yourself at home without much complication. These methods can be used before the shower when presented in cream or during the shower, if you decide to use a blade .

The only danger is that the skin can present irritations if it is not done correctly. In this article we will explain how to avoid irritation of the armpits.

How to avoid irritation of the armpits

Choose the method you choose to remove hair from this sensitive area, it is important to know how to avoid irritation of the armpits. An irritated armpit can be very annoying since it usually stings and itches.

Next, we give you some tips to avoid these symptoms so annoying.

  • Change blade frequently . An old blade further irritates the skin. To avoid ingrown hair, the blade has to be sharp.
  • To avoid folliculitis, which is infection of the follicle because of the entrance of bacteria, try not to apply excessive pressure when it comes to shaving.
  • If you opt for the blade, bear in mind that excessive use will make the hair grow stronger and thicker, so you will have to shave almost every day.
  • If you opt for the cream always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If you go over the recommended time you could damage the skin.
  • For a quick retouch you can use the electric machine that men use for the beard, but try to hydrate the area well after shaving.
  • To soothe the skin, uses talcum powder before and after shaving. In addition, talc will make the hairs look better.
  • Always use a aloe-based gel vera for after depilation. This cactus has anti-inflammatory effects on the skin. It will also help you to refresh the area. For an even more refreshing effect, put the aloe vera gel in the fridge. The effect will be sensational.
  • Some creams that cut hair are composed of aloe vera extract. It will always be better to buy one that has this cactus in its composition.
  • Sweat can be one of the causes of irritation. For this reason, it is advisable to shave at night, just before going to sleep.
  • Use a post-depilatory cream to soothe the skin. Never use an alcohol-based deodorant, as it is another cause of irritation.
  • Avoid synthetic clothing since chafing with non-natural fabrics could also be harmful.

How to depilate the armpits of men

More and more men are deciding to eliminate axillary hair. Whether for aesthetic, hygienic or practical reasons, this trend is on the rise. Whatever your motive, in this article we explain the reasons and techniques that exist on how to pluck the armpits of men.

To learn how to pluck the armpits of men, the first thing you need to know is that the removal of hair in this part of the body helps eliminate body odor . The sweat comes from the decomposition of the bacteria that inhabit the hairs, so, by eliminating them, you will stop feeling that unpleasant odor. In addition, deodorants will become more effective.

Apart from the hygienic reasons, some athletes also depilate. If you practice sports it can be a good option to be more competitive and to be able to enjoy later massages in a simpler way. Finally, there are men who do it for aesthetic reasons either because they have excess hair or, simply, because they can not stand seeing so much hair on their bodies.

Be that as it may, the procedure to eliminate the hairs in this part of the body is exactly the same as in the case of women. The only thing that changes is that, having longer hair, men will have to cut the hairs with scissors before starting to pluck.

Methods of underarm hair removal in men

As in the case of women, you can choose between using a method that removes hair at the root, or opt for a method that cuts the hair. The first one has more lasting effects, but it has the disadvantage that it is more painful. The second one, on the other hand, does not suppose any type of pain, but you will have to be waxing the area every two times.

If you use a root hair removal method the first thing you have to do is wash and dry the area well before you start. Then, apply the chosen product following the direction of the hair’s birth. Then pull in the opposite direction. The pull has to be strong and dry. When finished, apply an aloe vera gel. This will help to cool the area and prevent swelling of the skin.

If, on the other hand, you opt for a method that cuts the vell or instead of plucking it from the root, you should follow the same procedure as if you were shaving the beard, but applying an aloe vera gel to the final. You can also use a cream. In this case, carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions and do not go beyond the time set in the instructions!

To avoid the pimples that come out after hair removal and the possible irritations generated by it, you can read the tips on how to avoid the irritations of the armpits that you will find in this article a little above.

Now you know everything you need to know about how to shave your armpits. Choose your method and wear perfect armpits all year round!


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