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Tweezers are a perfect way to remove hair in a very effective way. That’s right, it only works on small areas of the body (like the eyebrows) or to touch up any hair that has been left where it didn’t touch. In this article we want to tell you everything about this method so that you can use it in the right way. Keep reading because we are sure that this article will be very useful to you.

History of tweezing

When we talk about the concept of tweezing, we are referring to the fact of being able to remove a hair from the root. This fact makes it clear that what we achieve is that it does not appear in a good season and, therefore, the function of depilation is assured. You have to take into account that it is important that the hair is long so that the clip can pull it. We’ll explain all this to you later. Tweezing comes from the Neanderthal man (yes, as you read). There they already used two shells from the sea to pluck their hair, and that is where our system comes from.

Tips for tweezing

First of all, you should know that a good tweezer is ideal if you want to eliminate the root hair well. Obviously, from the most expensive to the most economical they will be able to achieve it but, the difference is that they will do it more or less quickly or more or less efficiently. In fact, when you squeeze the tweezers you can tell right away whether it is of good quality or not. Also, if you use one that is not too good, you can get irritated skin from tweezing.

A good pair of tweezers helps you grasp and pull the hairs precisely. Choose an inclined tweezer with small end-pads for greater accuracy. Avoid buying blunt tweezers, as they can be difficult to grip and can pull out several hairs at once!

So this is, without a doubt, the most important advice we can give you.

On the other hand, keep in mind that it is important that you use cream (aloe vera cream works very well), to get them softer and eliminate them better. Here are the best tricks for waxing your eyebrows.

Tricks for waxing your eyebrows

Creating the most pleasing shape and eradicating loose hairs can help your face Woman-3353702 640frame look better. Tweezing can be an inexpensive and quick way to keep your eyebrows in the right shape, but there is one major drawback to tweezing: the pain that can accompany the removal of those tiny hairs from the follicle. These tricks will help you minimize the pain while creating a nice eyebrow.

⭐Take a pain reliever like acetaminophen or ibuprofen about an hour before tweezing to help minimize pain.

⭐Take a shower or place a hot towel on your face for at least five minutes before waxing. The warm temperatures help open up the hair follicles, making eyebrow hair easier to remove. However, dry your eyebrows before plucking them, as wet hairs can be harder to pinch and catch with tweezers!

⭐Grab the skin around the eyebrow and pull it tight to help you better identify the hair you want to pluck, as well as to minimize slippage when you do.

⭐Pulling the hair in the direction of hair growth. Following the hair pattern helps prevent ingrown hairs and reduces pain, so try to pull the hair as fast as possible to minimize post-depilatory burning in the area.

⭐Touch the area you have just waxed several times with your index fingers to immediately minimize post-waxing stinging or burning.

⭐Apply ice to the area you have just waxed to close the follicle, minimize inflammation and reduce pain. However, wrap it in a towel first to avoid touching the skin directly. You can also apply bags of cold tea to the area after tweezing to soothe the affected area. Be sure to disinfect your tweezers after each use by dipping them in alcohol to help prevent the introduction of bacteria into an open hair follicle.

Benefits of tweezing

✅Precision. Without a doubt, the precision offered by tweezing is its greatest advantage over other methods. When you get it done bareback, chances are you won’t miss a single one.

✅Duration. In addition, if you are wondering how long tweezing lasts, we can tell you that it is without doubt the most effective traditional means of hair removal. The hair is removed from the follicle and can last for more than a week. Growth. That’s right, it will always depend on the rate at which your hair grows, because every person is a world of their own.

✅False myth. We want you to know that tweezers do not make hair darker as it grows. This is an unsubstantiated myth and you have nothing to worry about.

✅Economic. Undoubtedly the most economical method, along with the blade, you can find. Even if it is an expensive tweezer, it will not outperform a waxing or laser hair removal.

✅Delineants. Coupled with precision. They are perfect for delineating specific areas of your body and shaping it to your liking.

✅It’s annoying but it doesn’t hurt. If tweezing is done correctly, it doesn’t have to hurt. As we told you before, using aloe vera can minimize the discomfort and make you less upset. It’s a perfect trick to prevent it from being a painful problem to wax.

Disadvantages of tweezing

One of the biggest problems with tweezing is that, when depilating Eye-117034 640hair by hair, the process is very long. Therefore, we recommend that you use it only in small areas as we have told you before. It is a perfect method of hair removal for small surfaces such as eyebrows and are also ideal for removing the moustache… Or, for example, to remove loose hair that has not been removed by another method of hair removal used or to remove stubborn hair that has come out too soon. What you should know is that in tweezing, hair will take longer to come out than if you remove it from your legs or arms. This is not an urban myth.

The biggest problem you may have is that, for example, with tweezing, you may overdo it. In this case, excessive hair pulling can lead to not looking the way you want. When it starts at the root, it will take time to grow and the problem will not be fixed for long. So, be very careful and watch out for the hair you remove.

Advantages Disadvantages

Since it’s bareback, the precision is impeccable.

Your results can last for up to a week.â

They don’t make the hair darker.

One of the most economical methods.

Perfect for delineating areas of your body.â

It may be annoying, but it doesn’t hurt that much.

❌Since it is bareback, depilation can take a long time.

❌The hair takes longer to come out, so every mistake takes longer to fade.

❌You can overdo it by using the tweezers and pulling out more hair than necessary.

Other tips for tweezing

⭐Sense of growth. It is very important that, unlike other methods such as depilation with cream or wax, on this occasion you cut the hair in the direction of growth. This way you will avoid possible damage to your skin such as irritation or injury.

⭐Don’t sweat it. Try not to do any activity that involves sweating for at least 24 hours afterwards. The goal is for the sweat not to infect the area of the plucked hair and cause an injury.

Electric tweezing

Electric tweezers are increasingly used by traditional tweezers. They work by electric current and the tweezers at their tip are responsible for removing the hair flush with the skin and reaching the follicle.

The advantages of electric tweezing

✅Little trouble. You won’t feel any discomfort when you wax with electric tweezers compared to the previous ones. In fact, if the depilation is performed by a qualified professional you will not notice anything at all. Yes, the skin may redden a little, but we assure you that it will go away very quickly and that you will not be able to show off your perfect skin.

✅On any hair. Just as with laser depilation it is necessary for the hair to be dark, tweezing can be applied to any type of hair, whether it is lighter or darker, white or red.

✅On any skin. Whether it’s tan, white or black. Anyway, you can use it in any shade. Something laser hair removal doesn’t have either.

The disadvantages of electric tweezing

❌Long sessions. Its main disadvantage is that the sessions can take forever. Keep in mind that the tweezer needs between fifteen seconds and minutes to destroy the root of the hair. And, moreover, it is not known for sure that it will make it disappear altogether.

❌High price. The price is another of the characteristics of electric tweezing. Sometimes it is higher than laser hair removal. Tweezers are very expensive to buy and also to maintain. So it’s no wonder the price tag.

Advantages Disadvantages

It’s a little annoying.

Can be applied to any hair, light or dark.

Can be applied to any skin, light or tanned.

❌Sessions can be long because of the time it takes to pull out the hair.

❌It can be more expensive than laser hair removal.

Tweezing step by step

As we were saying, eyebrows are the big stars. Home tweezing is one of the most common methods used by women (and increasingly by men). Therefore, we are going to take this opportunity to tell you how to have your eyebrows waxed step by step with tweezers. Take note!

1️⃣Cut. First you should comb your eyebrow down or up to remove and trim any remaining hair. Use a mini scissors or a face shaver.

2️⃣Find the point. Locate where your eyebrow begins. The trick is to put a pencil on your nose flap and pull it up to the hair area. Where you are will be the starting point. Whatever’s left between the eyebrows, out.

3️⃣Where it ends. With this same pencil, form a vine as far as your eye can see. That same will be the end point of your eyebrow. In this case, anything outside the eye area is out, too.

4️⃣Find a good area. This is very important. Deploy in an area with lots of light and an augmentative mirror. As we have said before, when you pull out a hair there is no going back, so it is important that you do it well and eliminate only what you need to eliminate.

5️⃣When to pluck your eyebrows. We recommend that you do this as soon as you get out of the shower. The reason is simple, hot water expands the pores and hair is easier to remove (and less irritating).

6️⃣Hydrate the area. It is important that when you finish tweezing your eyebrows, you apply baby cream or aloe vera cream (it works for everything). This will help to soothe the redness and you will soon look your best.

Here is a video tutorial on how to pluck your eyebrows with tweezers and get professional results.

Opinion on tweezing

For many girls it is usual to use tweezers to remove hair from their eyebrows and moustache. Also, it is a tool that many use to remove those annoying buried hairs. However, there are many people who find this technique quite painful. On the other hand, the electric epilator can be a saving angel for another one. The trick is to really look for the technique that works best for you and your skin.

As you can see, tweezing, like everything else, has its good and bad sides, yes, there is no doubt that its precision and delineation effect are very important. Therefore, to touch up your eyebrows, moustache or to remove excess hair, we recommend them one hundred percent. Tell us your impressions!

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