Epilation with thread

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Epilation with thread
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Hair removal with thread is a technique that consists of pulling out the hair from the root using a cotton or silk thread. The thread is entangled in the hairs and pulls them out from the follicle, leaving perfect, long-lasting results with hardly any pain. This hair removal technique is also called Indian waxing. At comodepilarse.info we explain everything you need to know about hair removal with thread.

Hair removal with thread: an ancient technique

Also called Indian hair removal, threading is an ancient technique that originated in India. For this reason, most professionals who practice itdepilarse con hiloare of Asian origin or come from the Middle East, where it is customary for the technique of depilation with thread to be passed on from generation to generation.

Indian hair removal consists of removing hair using a cotton thread folded in the middle in an X shape. The hair becomes entangled in the intersection formed by the thread as it moves through the area to be waxed. This allows for the removal of fairly large sections of hair from the root, which minimizes pain and neutralizes the red marks typical of post-epilation. With this technique you can go to that important appointment without showing those annoying red marks.

One of the benefits of Indian depilation is that, when practiced with a natural cotton thread, it has a peeling effect, thus preventing the appearance of wrinkles, smoothing out existing ones and being more durable than other more aggressive systems. In addition, the fact that it removes a large section of hair in one go means that you can shave in record time.

Another benefit of this technique is that it pulls out all types of hair, no matter what size, even the finest hairs, so you only have to go through it once a month to look hairless for weeks. The results are accurate and durable.

On the negative side, if you do not master the technique, there is a high risk of irritating the skin, so it is not recommended to start in very sensitive areas. It is also not recommended if you have acne, since not knowing how to pass the thread, you could get small wounds that are difficult to remove.

How to remove hair with a thread

depilarse con hilo

Indian depilation is especially recommended for the face area, as it removes the softest hair from the roots without hardly feeling any pain. But how do you remove hair with a thread without knowing the technique? We recommend that you practice in a soft hair area, such as the one behind the knee, before throwing yourself into the face. Once you have mastered the technique, you will be able to wax more visible areas.

Do you want to know how to wax professionally? In this article we explain it to you.

Waxing with threading, step by step

You can use threading step by step anywhere on your face. As the thread pulls out any type of hair, however short and soft, it is especially recommended for the upper lip. It also works wonderfully for shaping and perfecting eyebrows, as it is a very precise technique that has better results than waxing.

You will only need natural cotton thread (100% cotton) and a mirror. You can go to an esthetics center to see what kind of thread it is and to see how the technique is performed. Afterwards, you can practice threading step by step by following these tips:

1️⃣Cut a cotton thread between 38 to 60 cm (you will be refining the size as you practice) and make a knot that joins the two ends of the thread, so that a circle is formed.

2️⃣Wind the yarn around itself making about 10 or 15 turns. To achieve this, place both open hands on each part of the circumference that forms the thread and turn them in the opposite direction from each other. You will see that the thread is wound in the middle, so that the circumference will become X-shaped, with two small circles at each end.

3️⃣The thread should be in the centre and should occupy a section of between 2 and 2.5 cm.

4️⃣Place the index finger and thumb of each hand on each of the resulting circles. Open and close the fingers of one hand so that the tangled thread moves to the other hand. It is this movement of the tangled thread that causes the hairs to become entangled and pulled out by the roots.

depilarse con hilo

5️⃣Go by opening and closing the index finger and thumb of both hands. First one hand, then the other. Practice the movement. You’ll see the tangled thread running from one side to the other. When you have the movement under control, you can bring the thread closer to the part you want to wax.

6️⃣Start waxing. Bring the thread to the area to be waxed and run it in the opposite direction to the hairline. You can apply talcum powder or loose powder to make it easier for the hair to catch on the thread.

7️⃣Open the hand opposite the direction you want to wax. Open your left hand to wax the right side, and your left hand to wax the right side. Place the section of interlocking thread under the area you want to wax. When you open and close your hands, this section of thread will pull on them so that you can remove them without difficulty.

8️⃣Some experienced professionals hold one end of the thread with their mouth and open and close the other end using both hands. Try the mode that best suits your style. At first, you’ll have a hard time finding the technique, but when you have it in hand, you’ll see that it’s very effective.

9️⃣Start with a slow movement until you have enough experience. Afterwards, you can go full speed ahead and pluck out a larger section of hair. Repeat the movement back and forth until the entire area is waxed.

🔟The pain should not be greater than that experienced with tweezers. In fact, you should feel less pain. If you experience more pain, stop immediately. You may be pinching the skin instead of pulling out the hair.

Here is a video tutorial on how to wax with a thread so you can have a more visual guide.

Tips for threading

⭐Uses 100% cotton yarn, mainly to pull out the thickest hair. If the thread is synthetic, it may slip and not be effective.

⭐If you can’t pull out the hair, you may be using too long a thread. Try different sizes until you find yours.

⭐To avoid pinching the skin, make sure that the thread slides smoothly over it, without touching it.

Advantages Disadvantages

When made with natural cotton thread, it has a peeling effect that prevents the appearance of wrinkles.

Its results last longer than other more aggressive techniques.

It can pluck out large areas of hair in one go.â

Rip out the hair.

❌If the technique is not mastered, there is a high risk of skin irritation.

❌If you have acne, you could get small wounds that are difficult to remove.

Opinion on hair removal with thread

Surprising, isn’t it? It seems unreal that you can shave off the roots with threads. But yes, it is possible and in addition to possible, it is simple. We encourage you to practice with the threads at home, as it is a trend that is becoming more and more alive and has very professional results. Besides, it’s cheap and affordable. What are you waiting for to have fun removing those unwanted hairs?

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