Hair removal with thread

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Hair removal with thread
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Thread hair removal is a technique that consists of plucking the hair from the roots using a cotton or silk thread. The thread is entangled in the hairs and it starts from the follicle, leaving some perfect and lasting results without hardly feeling any pain . This hair removal technique is also called Hindu hair removal. In we explain everything you need to know about epilation with thread.

Depilation with thread, a millenary technique

Also called Hindu hair removal, hair removal is a millenary technique that has its origins in India although it is also believed that it could come from ancient Persia or even from ancient China. It is for this reason that the majority of professionals who practice it are of Asian origin or come from the Middle East, where it is customary that the hair removal technique is passed from generation to generation.

Hindu hair removal consists of the removal of hair using a cotton thread folded in the center in the shape of an X. The hair becomes entangled in the intersection formed by the thread as it advances through the area to be removed. This allows to remove fairly large sections of hair from the root, which minimizes pain and neutralizes the typical red marks of post-waxing. With this technique you can go to that important appointment without wearing those red marks so annoying.

One of the benefits of Hindu hair removal is that, when practiced with a natural cotton thread, it has an effect peeling so prevents the appearance of wrinkles softens existing ones and is more durable than other more aggressive systems. In addition, the fact of plucking a section of broad hair in a single pass, makes it possible to shave in a record time.

Another of the benefits of this technique is that it uproots all types of hair, whatever the size, even the finest hairs, so just one review per month to look hairless for weeks . The results are accurate and long-lasting.

As a negative point it should be noted that, if the technique is not mastered, there is a high risk of irritating the skin so it is not advisable to start in very sensitive areas. It is also not recommended to do it if you have acne, since, not knowing how to pass the thread, you could make small wounds difficult to eliminate.

Next, let’s see how to master this millenary technique by doing it yourself at home.


How to depilate with thread

Hindu hair removal is especially recommended for the face area, since uproots the softest hair without hardly feeling pain . But how to pluck with thread without knowing the technique? In how to shave, we recommend that, before launching yourself into the face, practice first in an area of ​​soft hair, such as the one behind the knee. Once you have mastered the technique, you will be able to shave more visible areas .

Do you want to know how to depilate with thread professionally? In this article we explain it to you.

Depilation with thread step by step

You can use waxing step by step anywhere on the face. As the thread pulls off any type of hair however short and soft it is, it is especially recommended for the upper part of the lip. It also works wonders to shape and shape the eyebrows, since it is a very precise technique that has better results than wax .

You will only need natural cotton yarn (100% cotton) and a mirror. You can go to an aesthetic center to see what kind of thread it is and to see how the technique is done. Then, you can practice waxing step by step by following these tips:

  1. Cut a cotton thread between 38 to 60 cm (you will be debugging the size as you practice).
  2. Make a knot that connects the two ends of the thread so that a circumference is formed.
  3. Wind the thread on itself doing about 10 or 15 laps. To achieve this, place both open hands on each part of the circumference that forms the thread and rotate them in the opposite direction of each other. You will see that the thread is rolled in the center, so that the circumference will have the shape of X with two small circles at each end.
  4. The rolled yarn should be in the center and should occupy a section between 2 and 2.5 cm.
  5. Place the index finger and thumb of each hand on each of the resulting circles. Open and close the fingers of one hand so that the tangled thread moves towards the other hand. This movement of the tangled thread is what causes the hairs to become tangled and uprooted .
  6. Open and close the index and thumb fingers of both hands. First one hand, then the other. Practice the movement. You will see that the tangled thread is running from one side to the other. When you have the movement controlled, you can now bring the thread to the part you want to pluck.
  7. Start hair removal . Bring the yarn to the area to be waxed and run it in the opposite direction to the hairline. You can apply talcum powder or loose powder to make it easier for the hair to catch on the thread.
  8. Open the opposite hand to the direction you want to pluck . Open the left hand to depilate to the right side, and the left hand to depilate to the right.
  9. Place the section of the interlaced thread under the area you want to pluck. When you open and close your hands, this section of thread will pull them out so that you can remove them without difficulty.
  10. Some experienced professionals hold one end of the thread with the mouth and open and close the other part using both hands. Try the mode that best suits your style . At first, it will be difficult to find the technique, but when you have it by the hand, you will see that it is very effective.
  11. Start with a slow movement until you have enough experience. Then, you can go full speed and start a wider section of hair.
  12. Repeat the movement to one side and the other until you completely depilate the entire area.
  13. Pain should not be higher than that experienced with forceps . In fact, you should feel less pain If you experience more pain, stop immediately. You may be pinching the skin instead of plucking the hair.


Tips for epilating with thread

  • Uses 100% cotton yarn, mainly to pluck thicker hair. If the yarn is synthetic, it could slip and not be effective .
  • If you can not pull out the hair, you may be using too long a thread. Go trying different sizes until you find yours.
  • To avoid pinching the skin, try to make the thread slide smoothly over it, without touching it.

Now you know all there is to know to shave with thread. It may cost you a little at first, but once you have refined the technique, you will not understand how you did not learn before!


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