Hair removal techniques

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Hair removal techniques
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Waxing has always been a sign of beauty for women and men. For this reason, we are constantly concerned with improving depilatory techniques and finding the best product to remove body hair permanently or, finally, to slow down its growth.

Different hair removal techniques

Body hair… They have always been a reason to discover new methods of eliminating them. Tweezers, waxes, honey, creams, depilatories and other methods are all part of the way we get rid of unwanted body hair.

Today, there are many methods or techniques of hair removal for all tastes and pockets. The Ceradepilation, or the removal of hair at the skin’s level. The procedure, which may last a few minutes or several days, depends on the result you expect. Hair removal techniques can be divided into two categories: permanent hair removal systems and temporary hair removal systems. Each system has advantages and disadvantages.

On the pages that make up this website you will have the opportunity to find out what the methods of hair removal recommended and non-recommended for each of the body areas with explanatory details. In some cases you will find indications for the home application of one of the methods mentioned, while in others you will find tips and tricks to get the most out of your hair removal sessions.

What are the hair removal techniques?

Among the depilatory methods, the following stand out:

Waxing: Remove hair from the root. It lasts from several days to several weeks and comes in several forms: cold wax, hot wax, and warm wax. The wax is first applied and then removed by hand with porous strips of paper or with nothing at all, simply by pulling the wax layer. Waxing hair out can be easily practiced at home, with specially prepared kits on sale in pharmacies and stores. Generally, hair grows less after regular treatments because waxing removes the hair from the root. The new hair that grows is soft and finely pointed.

Hair removal with sugar and lemon: Sugaring is probably one of the least popular methods of hair removal among home hair removal systems. Although it is one of the least known methods, it is extremely practical and very effective. The system of remove hair with sugar and lemon has some characteristics in common with waxing. As with depilatory wax, when using sugar depilation, we will be using strips of a paste that will be removed later. Sugared hair removal, besides being very effective and almost painless, leaves a soft fragrance of lemon and sugar. This system can be used for depilation of legs, arms, eyebrows, face, back and armpits.

Depilation with cream: Hair removal creams can be in the form of creams or powders. They serve to chemically dissolve Depilarsehair. Because these agents dissolve proteins, they also affect the skin and can irritate it if you leave the cream on too long. The result is similar to that of shaving as it is not eliminated from the roots either. It takes a short time to grow back. This method is painless unless you have an allergic reaction to the product. A small test should be done on a part of the skin to rule out allergy before extending the use of the product. The hair removal with cream is a method by which hair is chemically disintegrated. These creams do not prevent hair from growing back.

Depilation with blade: It is an aggressive method for the skin and has a very short duration, from one to two days. Contrary to popular belief, shaving with a razor does not change the texture or color or the amount of hair growth However, even though it removes all the hair, the process is immediately followed by new growth. As the blade cuts the hair on the thicker side, the growth of the new hair produces a kind of shadow. It is advisable to exfoliate the skin before depilation to remove dead cells and ingrown hairs.

Hair removal with epilator: Both men and women are inclined to epilateThe system can be used in a fast and efficient way in a short time. Although it is not a durable method, the biggest advantage is its speed and dynamism, so both men and women who wish to wax should consider having one of these electric machines always on hand. With this type of machine, a faster result is achieved than with any other system, since they leave the skin smooth and soft in a very short time and without risk of cuts or pain.

Waxing with thread: Over the last few decades, its popularity has been increasing and in many western cities it is now part of the offer of the most prestigious beauty salons. One of the reasons forCaptura De Pantalla 2020-01-28 A Las 11 04 23 its success as a depilatory system is that it does not damage the skin and does not carry the risk of ingrown hairs. In fact, many cosmetologists claim that threading is one of the safest and most effective eyebrow waxing methods available. Hair removal with threading is difficult to implement in those body partsthat are not flat, like bikini lines and knees. Those who suffer from acne should avoid strand the hairs because it could cause a severe acne rash.

Laser Hair Removal: The sessions are repeated every four to eight weeks. Re-growing hair tends to be lighter and finer-textured. During the procedure, the laser is pulsed for a fraction of a second, just enough to heat the hair and significantly impede the ability of the follicle to grow back. During the growth stage, the hair has a lot of melanin (color pigment), so it is more affected by the laser.

The laser hair removalmust be practiced by a licensed physician, under the direct supervision of a dermatologist, who specializes in the medical, surgical and cosmetic treatment of hair.

Tweezing: Pulling out your hair with tweezers Hair removal is one of the most widespread methods worldwide. It is the most practical and effective system for removing hair in small areas. However, this method is not useful for very large areas of the body. On the other hand, the hair must be long enough so that it can be removed with tweezers. However, if we have a good quality tweezer, lighting and a magnifying mirror, we can remove even the finest and shortest hairs. It is necessary to remove the hairs one at a time or in small quantities. It is usually used for small areas such as the eyebrows.

Painless waxing: If you want to know everything about painless hair removal, at Comodepilate we tell you all the tricks for a painless hair removal.

Photoepilation: Like almost all hair removal systems, the common goal is irreducible: to make as many hairs as possible disappear from the skin surface, in specific parts, by attacking the root. On the other hand, a specific objective differentiates this technique from other similar ones: to seek to achieve 100% efficiencyThis is because the hair is not allowed to grow back, all with the help of light or so-called light energy. There are three techniques: laser hair removal (lasers and laser diodes), intense pulsed light (high-energy lamps) and the hair removal diode (high-energy LEDs, but not laser diodes). The photoepilation is a method of permanent hair removal. This means that laser treatments permanently reduce the total number of hairs on the body and after several sessions you may be able to remove all the hair in a particular area.

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