Depilation areas

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Depilation areas
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Depilation areas

Currently the most often depilated by women are the armpits, groins and legs. Body beauty is very important and the presence of hair in certain parts can be considered as masculine or anti-aesthetic. This is why women also choose to practice facial hair removal, especially eyebrow and mustache removal. The vast majority of women prefer to undergo this treatment rather than show a hairy face.

Among the most commonly used depilatory methods in both women and men is waxing. In recent years laser hair removal has gained more followers as it is a virtually permanent and painless hair removal treatment. Arms, legs, armpits, eyebrows, ears, anus: they have their specific needs. If you perform them incorrectly, you could suffer from ingrown hairs, gray shadows, as well as redness and cuts or small injuries.

What are the hair removal areas?

Once you read this complete guide to Howtodepilate, removing body hair can be an easier task than you might think!

How to shave your face

The facial hair removal is a necessary part of a woman’s beauty. More than 20 million women remove unwanted facial hair at least once a week.

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The unwanted facial hair growth in women may be caused by an underlying medical condition or by genetics. In fact, some ethnic groups are predisposed to facial hair in both men and women.

The women with polycystic ovarian disease have increased hair growth because of this condition. Because facial hair growth is considered unattractive by the opposite sex, women spend a lot of energy, time, and money to eliminate this embarrassing problem.

How to pluck your eyebrows

Having nice eyebrows will give you a wider, more open look and will get the rest of your face framed as well. Removing your eyebrow hairs The leftovers will allow you to give the desired form to your expression. The time you take to do this will certainly be a good investment. You will look perfect, even without make-up!

Tutorial video for eyebrow waxing:

How to wax your forehead

We know about depilation of eyebrows, lip and even cheek hair, but have you heard about depilation of the headband or how to pluck the hairs from the forehead? Some women seek a forehead enlargement, either because they want this part of the face to be wider or because of the existence of small hairs that grow on the border between the beginning of the hair and the end of the face that give a more unkempt and less aesthetic appearance to the woman.

How to wax your nose and ears

Many men don’t like a lot of hair in their nose and ears because it’s unsightly. Currently, and thanks to the help of different depilatory techniques, those who wish to do so can pull out your ear hairs so unwanted.

First of all, it is important to note that the presence of hair inside the nose and ears plays a preventive role in the human body. For example, because of the hair inside the nostrils, the air we inhale can be filtered and heated so that the body can better assimilate it. But when you have an excessive amount of hair, this hair exceeds functionality and becomes unsightly.

How to wax your mustache

It is one of the most troubling aesthetic issues for many women and is unanimously felt to be very uncomfortable in a strategic area. And it’s true! At Comodepilate we show you how to shave your moustache whether you’re a woman or a man.

How to shave your beard


Shaving your beard is like making an egg: everybody knows how to do it. A little foam, blade up and down, and you’re good to go. But the reality is that everyone knows how to do it… wrong. Well, some worse than others; perhaps you, over the years, have acquired enough skill not to end up with your face full of little pieces of toilet paper covering the

How to shave your armpits

 Removing underarm hair is not fun or enjoyable but there are different methods and you can choose the one that suits you best. What types of products are available to remove underarm hair? The blade, the wax, the depilatory creams, etc.

Wax is undoubtedly the most painful method but it is also the most effective and long-lasting. Today’s technology has developed new products that make hair removal much easier, but the result is the same as if you had shaved. What is undoubtedly the best method (but also the most expensive), is laser hair removal. This is a practically permanent method.

How to shave your arms

Nowadays, arm waxing is not one of the most widely practiced, however, many people decide to do it in order to achieve a somewhat more aesthetic image. It is a more common practice among men but there are many women who also decide to have it done. Many people agree that a woman with abundant arm hair is not attractive. Shaving your arms is simple, fast and convenient. If you are not happy with the appearance of your arms, deciding on this treatment will help you be more beautiful.

How to shave your back

Men tend to have much more hair on their backs than women. Shaving the hair on your back Body hair in general is a nuisance for many men, especially when it is on the back. It can cause excessive sweating in hot weather, is dirty and, above all, looks unattractive. These factors make it very uncomfortable to live with. Sometimes, kids are so self-conscious, they refuse to take their shirts off in public places.

How to shave your abdomen

Abdominal hair is a very common problem for both men and women. Men have thicker growth and sometimes miss it, but women, even though the growth is much finer, want to know how pull out the hairs from the abdomen as it is somewhat unsightly or causes shame, especially when wearing bikinis and crop tops during the summer months, where the belly is completely exposed.

It generally occurs between the navel and the pelvic area and in either of these two cases it is advisable to depilate the abdomen with creams, wax or shave, depending on your comfort and bearing in mind that the cream and the shaver only cut the hair. Depilatory wax eliminates the root with intense pain in between. Both are temporary methods.

How to shave your legs

The legs are one of the most common places for hair removal and are relatively easy to remove with a few simple methods. Shaving, depilatory creams and waxing are the traditional and low-cost methods of leg hair removal.

Shaving the leg is a popular method of hair removal. The tools used for shaving are readily available at most retailers. Razors are a popular method of hair removal because they are easy, and they are the fastest way to remove leg hair. Shaving your legs during the shower or bath, while the legs are wet, is one of the most used techniques. Foam, cream or shaving gel is usually used. Many people also use soap.

How to shave your bikini line


 Remove groin hairs has become an essential part of aesthetic preparation. To wear a swimsuit or underwear with style, as well as shorts and miniskirts, it is necessary to remove at least some of the hair from the groins. The task is quite simple and with few options available. Most of these options can be done at home.

How to wax your intimate area

Removing hair from the intimate area has long been a women’s issue but is becoming a common trend among men as well. Benefits include increased hygiene, comfort and aesthetics. Some methods are easy to do at home, such as genital depilation with a razor and shaving foam, which allows hair to be removed from the male genitals simply and quickly. Other types of hair removal such as male genital waxing require a little more skill and care.

How to shave your testicles

Shaving the scrotum can be difficult and should be done slowly to avoid cutting or snipping. Apply a light layer of shaving cream to your scrotum. Gently with your free hand, stretch the skin with your index finger and thumb to make it smoother. Loose skin is very difficult to shave, so tightening the skin of the scrotum will be safer.

How to shave your pubic hair

For shave pubic hair you can do it right in the shower. Enter the shower with hot water and apply shaving cream to the pubic area. Shave in the direction of hair growth to minimize festering hairs and rinse the blade between strokes. You will need a razor or blade, shaving cream or soap, scissors, and hair removal.

How to shave your anus

The truth is that anal hair is a cumbersome subject and this is why many people decide shave. Solid waste is trapped in the threads causing the underwear to become dirty and also causing persistent odors. More toilet paper is needed for cleaning, and people who are more hairy may need extra time to wipe themselves thoroughly, sometimes with water and wet wipes. For athletes, the hairs trap the sweat, which can cause discomfort, chafing, and even infection when the hairs are torn.

Opinion on depilation areas

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Now that you know all the areas where hair is normal, you can feel confident knowing that you are not alone. We all get less or more hair in different areas. Whatever area stands out for you, what really matters is that you know how to deal with it.

At ComoDepilarse we understand that depending on the area where you need the most attention, you will also need special care. In addition, you should take into account your skin type, complexion and sensitivity.

By taking into account these variables, it will be much easier to decide what type of method suits you best. However, we are confident that from the area you need to concentrate on, you will soon be able to look smooth and well cared for. Discover all the forms of hair removal for each area in our blog!

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