How to shave the abdomen

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How to shave the abdomen
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To learn how to shave your abdomen, the first thing you will have to see is if you are a person with a lot of body hair or with little. The amount of body hair will depend on the level of androgenic hormones that your body produces. These hormones are male. The higher the level of hormones in your body, the greater the amount of hair.

It is for this reason that men have more hair than women. Despite this, there are some women who have a higher level of androgens so they may also have hair on the abdomen, although it will never be as abundant or thick as that of men.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, in this article we explain how to remove hair from the abdomen.

Every time there are more men who decide for the male hair removal of the abdomen. Whether for aesthetic reasons or for practical reasons, men are increasingly determined to end the annoying hairs. Hair removal helps to reduce excess sweating which is why many men shave simply in summer, when the heat is more intense.

On the other hand, hair removal in men is especially recommended for the practice of certain sports such as swimming and cycling, as it helps achieve higher levels of competitiveness. In addition, hair removal in athletes helps to speed up the work of physiotherapists and masseurs, so important for after sports.

At the aesthetic level, more and more men choose to remove hair from their bodies. At present, the aesthetic canon marks that a man should not have much or little hair something that is known as trimming . In addition, male hair removal must be moderate according to age, being more aesthetic in a young and athletic man than in an older man.

Male hair removal of the abdomen will depend directly on the amount of hair that the man has in this part of the body.


Other tips for depilation of the abdomen in men

For men with little hair it is recommended to use a non-abrasive method even if root hair is not pulled. The methods that do not pull the root hair have the disadvantage of not being too durable, so you’ll have to be epilating the area more often. The positive part is that it will not hurt you as much as with other methods.

If, on the contrary, you have a populated abdomen, it is best to end up with the root hair . This will cause the follicle to weaken with time, so that you will have thinner hairs every time. The bad part of the abdomen hair removal with techniques that pull the hair from the root is that it hurts enough. Although, over time, the pain is decreasing.

On the other hand, if the amount of hair is very abundant, you can consider the definitive male hair removal . Although this type of hair removal is more expensive, the results are permanent and definitive. On the other hand, keep in mind that they do not always eliminate hair completely, so sometimes more sessions are needed over the years.

Eliminate body hair in men

To eliminate body hair in men, follow the advice you will find below.

  • You choose the method you choose, to eliminate body hair in men always is advisable to exfoliate the area before starting to depilate.
  • Once you have finished with your abdomen, you should clean the area well with a neutral soap. This will help eliminate the excess product used for hair removal.
  • In the following days of waxing, try not to apply any lotion or moisturizing cream that is too oily . This would cause the pore to clog and prevent the hair from coming out correctly, so that unwanted pimples could appear.
  • To prevent the appearance of granites, the right thing to do is apply a gel based on aloe vera . This will help cleanse the skin and hydrate it properly after the irritation of hair removal.
  • If you want the results to last longer, it is advisable to use creams that inhibit hair growth . Although they are a bit expensive, these types of creams help slow hair growth.


Depilation of the woman’s abdomen

Although depilation of the woman’s abdomen is not very common, there are some women who have a higher production of male hormones so they may have hair in this area. This type of hair will never be as thick as that of men, but it can be very annoying for some women.

Although having belly hair is not common in women, it is more common than many believe. If you have hair in the abdomen area, you should not worry too much. The fact that your body produces a higher number of male hormones than the level of other women does not mean that other women do not also produce this type of hormones. Simply each one has its own levels, which are marked from birth. In diversity is the grace of beauty!

On the other hand, there are some women who decide for the hair removal of the abdomen in spite of not having the dark or abundant hair and simply they do it to feel more attractive . Whatever your case may be, hair removal can be done using different methods .

Removal of hair from the belly

The removal of hair from the belly does not differ in any way from the depilation of other areas of the body. The only thing you need to know is that the method you use will determine hair growth, both in terms of quantity and thickness.

Below we explain everything you need to know about the removal of hair from the belly according to the method you use .


Tips for plucking a woman’s abdomen

If you’re used to shaving other areas with root hair removal methods epilation of the abdomen should not hurt as much as other parts of the body, since the hair on the belly is less abundant And thick. Also, being a weaker area of ​​hair, the results will last longer than in other areas of the body.

Not all methods of temporary hair removal are recommended for depilation of the abdomen mainly because they are impractical or take a long time. This is the case of hair removal with thread, which is especially recommended for the removal of facial hair.

On the other hand, the use of methods that do not remove root hair are not recommended for depilation of the abdomen. This type of methods can encourage excessive hair growth in women following a male pattern of distribution, something known as hirsutism. This type of methods that do not pull the root hair can encourage the appearance of hirsutism in the area depilated, in this case the abdomen.

You also have to know that hirsutism is usual in pregnant women since it increases the number of male hormones in the body. This promotes an increase in hair in the abdomen area. If you are pregnant and you have hair in your belly, consult your doctor first before shaving the area. In the case of pregnant women it is always advisable to opt for the method of hair discoloration.

Depilation of the abdomen of the final woman can be a good solution for those women who do not want to use temporary methods, and who are tired of having to shave every three weeks an area that is traditionally associated with male hair. Consult yourself at your beauty center to find out what definitive hair removal methods exist.

Now you know everything there is to know about how to remove your abdomen. Choose the method you choose, remember that the one that is less aggressive to the skin, will always be the best of all.


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