How to epilate your face

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How to epilate your face
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Do you want to know how to shave the face so that the skin is smooth ? There are many women who feel uncomfortable with their facial hair. The production of male hormones in excess causes some women to have velvety hair on cheeks, sideburns, upper lip and chin. In this article we explain how to remove facial hair easily and professionally .


Facial hair removal – Which method to choose?

Most women have loose hairs on the upper lip or eyebrows. However, there are some women who have hair in unusual areas, such as cheeks, sideburns or chin. This is due to hormonal problems. A excess of male hormones cause the appearance of hair in unwanted areas.

Eliminating facial hair is essential for most women suffering from these hormonal imbalances. However, facial hair removal requires specific techniques and care, since it is an area with a very fine and sensitive skin . Therefore, the techniques used for other parts of the body are not suitable for the face.

If you decide on facial hair removal, you will have to find a method that is effective and as painless as possible. But what method to choose for facial hair removal? In this article we explain which are the most effective methods, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of choosing one method or another.

Facial hair removal: forceps

The clamps are the most economical method . You just have to buy some and entertain yourself in front of the mirror eliminating little hair. This method only works in women who have little hair or very localized hair (such as upper lip or eyebrows ).

This technique is not recommended for women with large amounts of hair . If this is your case, keep in mind that you will invest too much time in front of the mirror. Also, think that with the tweezers you have to remove the hairs one by one, so it will be too painful.


Facial hair removal: hot wax

This is the most used method among women since always. Being such a widespread method, it has the advantage that it is quite cheap. In addition, it is very simple to use, so you can do it alone at home without any difficulty. The only thing you have to keep in mind is the high temperature that the wax reaches. Before applying it on the face, make sure it is not too hot.

To do so, apply some of the product on the back of the hand . Once you are sure that it is at the correct temperature, you can apply it on your face without fear. If you follow this advice you will avoid more than one burn on the face.

On the other hand, the fact that the wax is hot is an advantage, since you will feel less pain . The heat of the wax causes the pore to dilate, making it easier to extract the hair from the follicle. This helps make the hot wax less painful than other methods.

He thinks that the skin of the face is much more sensitive than that of other parts of the body, such as, for example, the legs . The high temperature of the wax, added to the pulls of hair removal, can cause skin irritation with ease.

If you choose this method, and to prevent the skin from getting too irritated, it is important that you calm the skin after waxing with an aloe vera cream or applying a calendula or lavender oil.

Facial hair removal with cold wax

Here we can also talk about depilatory bands that are impregnated with cold wax. This technique has the advantage that it does not burn the skin. However, the risk of injury is quite high since the pull has to be performed with greater force than in the case of hot wax.

To prevent injuries, you can ask someone you trust to help you to remove the hair bands in a correct way without damaging the skin.

If you want to do it alone at home, buy the specific wax bands for face . These bands tend to be smaller and narrower. You will find them in any supermarket or specialized store. These bands will help you not to apply more wax than necessary. Think that the hair removal of the face has to be done in parts, so it is not advisable to remove large sections of hair with the same pull.

To avoid injury, try to hold the area of ​​the skin that remains without wax with your free hand. This will help prevent facial sagging a totally undesirable injury that your face could present within a few years if you do not do it properly.

Facial hair removal with cream

It is a very economical and practical method . You can do it alone at home without problem and, best of all, it is not painful. There are many brands in the market, most of them with the same results.

Compress the cream you buy, we recommend that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter. The way to act creams is to burn the hair, so it removes from the face without difficulty. If you spend time, you run the risk of burning your skin .

The biggest disadvantage of the cream is that it cuts the hair instead of pulling it from the root. This means that you will have to be epilating the area more often. Also, over time, the hair will be more abundant than before. For this reason, we do not recommend using it very often. However, it is a perfect method for emergencies, since it will not take more than a few minutes.


Discoloration of facial hair

This method is useful for to clarify hair color . This means that it conceals the facial hair, but it does not eliminate it. This method is especially recommended for women who have little hair on their face. As it does not pull the hairs, it has the advantage that is not painful .

However, it is normal to itch or sting when applied . This is due to the chemical reaction that causes the hairs to turn blond. To avoid skin irritation, it is important that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter.

This method is not recommended for women who have a lot of hair on their face. The fact of decoloring the hair when there is a lot of it, will only make it look even more. Whether you’re dark skinned or white skinned, we do not recommend you use this method if you have a lot of hair.

Electric razor for hair removal of facial hair

Although a few years ago electrical machines were only indicated for other parts of the body, there are currently specific heads for the face. The electric machine has the advantage that it pulls the hair by the roots. If you use it correctly, the result will be very similar to that of the wax: the hairs will be weaker and weaker and will come out with less force .

The operation of this type of machines is very simple: inside there are mini pliers that are removing the hair as you go through the face. This means that you will feel the same pain as with the tweezers but eliminating more hair in a single pass.

To properly depilate with an electric machine, it is essential that you use the specific head for this part of the body . Otherwise, you could hurt yourself. Think that the face is a zone of very thin and sensitive skin, so the electric machine can hurt more than in other parts of the body.

Facial hair removal with thread

It is a tart of a millenary technique that has its origins in India. This method consists of plucking the root hair using a cotton or silk thread . Although it may seem simple, it requires a great technique and knowledge to do it correctly. Although you will find tutorials on the internet that teach you how to do it, we recommend that you go to a specialized center the first few times .

This method has the advantage that is not as aggressive as other methods . In addition, it is a very precise and painless technique if we buy it with others that look like it can be the clamps or the electric machine. And although it can be applied to other parts of the face, it gives very good results with the eyebrows.

Remove hair from the face forever

To permanently remove hair from the face you can go to an esthetic center to get a laser treatment . This type of treatment has evolved a lot over the years, so it is practically painless right now. In addition, contrary to what happened in the past, the laser has evolved, giving optimal results on any type of skin and with any type of hair.

However, the hair on the face has a hormonal component that can not be eliminated . Laser results are permanent in most women. Between 70% and 80% of the cases the hair is permanently removed after 10 months of treatment. In most cases, hair removal is maintained for long periods of time. In others, it is necessary to hold annual or semi-annual maintenance sessions, depending on each case.

If you decide on methods that remove facial hair permanently, we recommend that you do the sessions before summer . This way you will make sure you can go to the beach and sunbathe without any problems.

Now you know the methods that exist on how to depilate the face. Keep these tips in mind and choose the method that best suits your needs.


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