How to epilate your back

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How to epilate your back
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Do you want to know how to shave the back so that it is smooth and clean? The hair on the back is unsightly and very annoying, especially when the heat arrives. Caring for this part of the body can be an ordeal for obvious reasons: it is a place of difficult access for oneself and, in addition, the hair that can appear here is usually painful to remove.

In this article we explain how to remove the hair from the back to oneself according to the method of hair removal that you choose. Be careful!


How to wax your back to oneself – Depilation methods

To learn how to wax your back to yourself the first thing you need to know is that there are very few methods that do not require the help of an assistant . The back is a difficult place to access, so you will almost always need someone to help you.

However, there are several methods that you can use yourself at home with the help of a trusted person. Next, we will see the most used methods and some tips to do it professionally.

Shaving the back

Shaving the dorsal part is one of the most commonly used methods . However, the fact that the hair is cut instead of plucked at the root makes it less durable. In addition, over time, the hair will gain strength, so you will have to do it more often every time.

The blade is a very aggressive method, since not only irritates the skin more easily, but also, you run the risk of cutting yourself. To avoid possible injuries, it is recommended that you do so with the help of an assistant. This trusted person will be responsible for passing the blade, removing or shaving the hairs.

Tips to keep in mind for this method of body hair removal

If you have very localized hair, you can do it yourself if you stand in front of a mirror with another mirror behind you. From the mirror in front of you you can see the other mirror, where your back will be reflected. In this way you can effectively remove the hair from the shoulders, upper back and back.

If you have hair along your entire back, for obvious reasons there will be places where you can not pass the blade by yourself. In this case, we recommend that you do not start plucking. There is nothing more ugly than a part of the body that has been shaved by parts. Or all or nothing.

Shaving in this area of ​​the body works in the same way as in any other body part. The only thing you have to know is that, if you have very long hair, you will have to cut the hair first with scissors. Then, wet the area with water and apply a shaving foam to a foamy soap. The direction of the blade must be from top to bottom from the nape to the top of the coccyx.


Use a shaver to shave the back

This is a infallible method to do it yourself at home without the help of anyone. These razors which you can find with traditional razor or electric razor, come with an extendable long handle that will help you reach any corner, however inaccessible it may be.

This method works in the same way as the blade or the razor. The only difference is that it incorporates a long extendable handle that helps reach any area of ​​the body . Although it is a very practical method for those who want to remove the hair themselves, it has the disadvantage that it cuts the hair, instead of pulling it by the roots.

This method, like the traditional blade, does not have as long lasting results as other methods of hair removal . This means that the hair will come out faster. Also, as you use it, the hair will come out thicker and stronger than the last time.

To use it, you have to follow the same steps as with the traditional blade . First wash the area well. Then, apply a shaving foam, and then you see the blade passing with the help of the handle, which will make you reach any area, however difficult it may be.

Shaving the back with cream

The cream is another method of hair removal that works by cutting the hair. The fact that it does not pluck root hairs causes the hair to come out faster than with other methods such as wax. It is a technique very easy to use and very economical . You can find it at any supermarket and for a very reasonable price.

If you opt for this method, keep in mind that you will have to buy a specific cream for your gender . If you are a man you will have to buy a cream for men and, if you are a woman, the other way around. If you buy the wrong cream, the result may not be optimal. This is so because both men and women have a quite different amount of body hair. This type of creams have a specific composition depending on the gender.

You can apply the cream on your own as long as you have very localized hair. If you have hair all over your back, you will need the help of a trusted person to apply it to those areas where your hands can not reach.

Contrary to what many people think, cream is an aggressive product for the skin . If you have very sensitive skin, it is preferable to choose another method to depilate your back, since this type of products contain chemical components that can irritate the skin.

If you finally decide on this method, you have to know that the procedure is very simple. You simply have to apply the product along the entire back, so that there is no gap to cover. Next, let the cream act according to the time indicated by the manufacturer in the instructions . Once these minutes have passed, remove the product with the help of the spatula that accompanies it or with water under the shower.


Use wax for body hair removal

Not in vain this is the most used technique between men and women . Whether hot or cold, the wax has the advantage of pulling the hair from the root, so the results last between three and five weeks, although this will vary according to the amount and hardness of each person’s hair. In addition, if you get used to using the wax always, you will see how the hair weakens thus making hair removal less painful than the previous time.

This method works best with short hair (about 6 mm), so it is advisable to cut the hair before using scissors. For this, you will need the help of a trusted person, unless you have very localized hair. You also have to keep in mind that it is impossible to wax yourself to oneself without help .

We recommend that you go to an aesthetic center to have it done by a professional. If you want to do it yourself at home, yes or yes you will need someone’s help. For this type of hair removal to be effective, you will have to make a firm and quick pull. When finished, it is essential that you hydrate the skin very well. This way you will avoid irritations and the granites of encysted hairs.

Laser hair removal for the back

If what you want is to never have to remove hair from this part of the body anymore, the best option is the laser. This treatment ensures definitive and permanent hair removal from the back . The laser penetrates directly into the hair follicles preventing the hair from growing back. It is also very effective for people who have dark and thick hair.

The necessary sessions depend on the type of hair you have and the type of skin. To know, go to your nearest aesthetic center and ask how many sessions the professionals you will need estimate. In addition, they will inform you of the price of the complete treatment to end once and for all with the hair of this part of the body.

Now you know all there is to know about how to shave your back. Either with the help of someone or doing it yourself at home, choose your method and you’ll look smooth and hairless.


How to epilate your back
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How to epilate your back
The hair on the back is unsightly and very annoying, especially with the heat. In this article we explain how to remove hair from the back.
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