How to epilate eyebrows

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How to epilate eyebrows
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Bringing your eyebrows well groomed and outlined is essential to have a good image. But, how to pluck your eyebrows yourself without getting a mess ? The eyebrows give us expressiveness and help us to enhance the look. If you want to know how to have perfect eyebrows what forms of eyebrows exist or what design of eyebrows you it will be better depending on the type of face you have, you are in the right place.

Whether you are a woman or if you are a man, in we explain everything you need to know about how to pluck your eyebrows properly .


How to have perfect eyebrows for women

The first thing you have to learn is to depilate your eyebrows following its natural form . Eyebrows that have lost their natural shape, are artificial and will never be a good option. In this article we explain how to have perfect eyebrows for women following three simple steps. It is important to note that the current beauty canon considers eyebrows populated as ideal so, do not pass epilating !

and if you have thin eyebrows do not worry, the eyebrow makeup is responsible for filling in the gaps that you lack. If you keep reading you will know how to have perfect eyebrows for women by following some very simple tricks. Shall we start?

How to depilate eyebrows correctly

The most important thing you have to know is that you must always respect the natural shape of your eyebrows. In general, the eyebrows should be wider at the beginning, on the side that touches the nose, to get thinner as they descend towards the end of the eye. All eyebrows that do not follow this pattern will look artificial or unnatural .

Another element to keep in mind is that you should not remove more hair than necessary. Remember: the more natural, the better.


Instructions for removing eyebrows correctly

First it is that establish the boundaries of the eyebrow . To do this, take a white pencil and draw the three points that will follow the following measurements:

Calculate the beginning of the eyebrow

Take a pencil or a swab and place it on the tip of your nose, matching it with the tear drop on your eye. This way you will get the start of the eyebrow. All the hair that is outside of this mark is between the eyebrows : it is necessary to depilate it.

Tips for plucking the eyebrows

  1. Note that the eyebrow must end with a straight line . Avoid shaving it oval or round, since you will only get an unflattering result.
  2. If you have a thin nose, try not to skip when it comes to plucking the eyebrows. The closer your brows are, the finer and more refined your nose will look.
  3. On the other hand, if you have a broad or a little flat nose, try to remove more beautiful hair, creating a wider separation. This way you will achieve that your look has much more balance.

Calculates the highest point of the eyebrow

This point should coincide with the center of the eye. To calculate it, take a pencil or a swab, place it on the tip of the nose and move it towards the eyebrow making it coincide with the place where the pupil is (or between the pupil and the iris).

Mark the point taking into account that this is where the eyebrow will go down at an angle or another depending on the eyebrow design you choose.

Calculate the end of the eyebrow

Once again you have to take the pencil or swab, place it on the tip of the nose and take it to the outer end of the eye, towards the temple. If the pencil crosses with the eyebrow, it means that you will have to eliminate the hairs that are left over in this area.

But be careful when removing the hairs from the outside of the eyebrow ! If you remove too many and the eyebrow is too short, you will get an aggressive and somewhat evil look. If, on the other hand, you leave too many hairs and the eyebrow is too long, the resulting arc will give you a rather sad and fallen look.

If you follow these three steps you will get natural and beautiful eyebrows . Now, if your thing is to achieve perfection in everything you set out to do, read on to find out what kind of eyebrows you feel best according to your face shape.


Eyebrow design according to face type

Once you have achieved a balanced and natural look, you can focus on the design. The eyebrow design depends on the type of face you have . The first, then, will be to identify your factions. Once you have discovered what face shape you have, you simply have to follow the instructions below to find out which eyebrow model favors you the most depending on the type of face you have.

Eyebrows for long face

The ideal for this type of face is to design straight, horizontal or flat eyebrows. The arches of the eyebrows too pronounced or too high, make the face seem more elongated, so we will never use them for this type of face. Designing a straight shape will make the face shorten, achieving a more oval shape.

Eyebrows for round face

A good way to make this type of face look like is getting a visual sensation of lengthening. To achieve this, we must design arched eyebrows with the ascending angle. In this way we will be able to stylize the facial ovum, giving more height to the face.

Eyebrows for oval face

This type of face is favored by any type of eyebrow . However, it is always advisable to opt for soft angles. Designing too steep an angle could give our face expressions that do not define us at all.

Eyebrows for diamond face

The rounded eyebrows are the best left in this type of face, as they help to narrow the lower part of the forehead. A slightly curved or arched eyebrow could also give good results. We should never combine this type of face with straight or flat eyebrows as they tend to widen the face much more.

Eyebrows for the face of the heart

To make the forehead appear shorter and the chin narrower, you should opt for short and gently rounded eyebrows, which tend to be thinner towards the end of them. You never have to wear straight eyebrows since you would only get to emphasize more the pointed shape of the chin, typical of this type of face.

Eyebrows for square face

This face is characterized by very prominent features and very marked features. To get attention away from the chin, it is important to outline slightly angulated eyebrows, with a little arc. With eyebrows in the shape of a triangle you will be able to break the monotony of the features and look up .


How to make eyebrows

If you have thin, sparse eyebrows, makeup is your biggest ally . Eyebrow makeup is useful for depopulated eyebrows or that have gaps or gaps between the hairs. If you see that when you go away from the mirror your eyebrows become practically invisible, it is important that you learn to make up your eyebrows.

Almost all of the brands that are marketed for eyebrow makeup come with a pencil or wax to fix the shape and a shadow to fill in the holes .

The most important thing you should know when buying eyebrow makeup is that you should always buy one or two shades lower than the color of your hair . Even if you have intense dark black hair, you should buy a brownish brown color, because if you make up your eyebrows with the same tone of your hair, you will make the makeup too visible, hardening your features and achieving an artifice that does not suit

How to depilate man’s eyebrows

If you are a man you are in luck, because you will not have to spend as much time as women. If you want to learn how to pluck the eyebrows of men, the first thing you should know is that you only have to remove the unsightly eyebrows and the lower part of the eyebrow. Never shave the top part .

The eyebrows of men must be populated and without designs otherwise they would be too feminine and somewhat artificial. It is preferable to have scruffy eyebrows than eyebrows that are too plucked.

Plucking eyebrows is not as difficult or painful as some men think. Simply you will need a tweezers and a mirror . If the mirror is magnifying, the better, so you’ll see better what hairs start without passing you.


Instructions for plucking the eyebrows of men

Do you want to know how to pluck the eyebrows of a man? More and more guys want to sharpen their eyes and eliminate that annoying hair. Are you one of them? If so, read on because below we will tell you how you can depilate this area of ​​the body.

Depilate the eyebrows

Grab the tweezers and start pulling each hair between the eyebrows. It begins by removing the hairs that are on the top of the nose, tearing them one by one. When you reach the area where the eye begins, stop shaving, that’s the limit.

The hairs must be removed from the root, so it will be much more comfortable if you put the clip at the height where the hair is born. As we said, a magnifying mirror can be very useful .

Depilate the end and lower part of the eyebrow

As we did in the previous step, it is very useful to take a pencil or a swab to mark the outer edge of the eyebrow. That way you’ll know how far you have to shave. Place it again on the fin of the nose, but this time make it match the outside of the eye. All the hair that over, you have to remove it.

Finally, you will have to remove the hairs that are located in the lower part of the arch of the eyebrows. Try to start only those that you see that go out of the natural line of the eyebrow. It should not be passed, but the look could be too feminine. Remove all those hairs that are too low, at the height of the eyelid.

Cut the hair that is left over

The last step is to cut the hair that is left over. To do this, take a pair of scissors that are used to cut the nails and cut all the long hairs that protrude from the eyebrow. This operation should be done along the eyebrow, area of ​​the arch included. Of course, try not to go over and cut more than necessary, or your eyebrows could lose expressiveness.

Tips for plucking the eyebrows of men

  • To ensure that you do not overdo it, you should take a pencil or a swab and place it on the nose flap. Then, you make it go up to the level of the lacrimal. This imaginary line is what marks the limit. Do not depilate beyond this line.
  • If you brush your eyebrows after the shower will be less painful . The steam from the hot water makes the pores open, so that removing the hairs will not hurt so much.
  • If it’s the first time you do it and you do not feel confident enough, you can always go to an aesthetic center to be professional. Then it will be much easier to follow the line that you have previously marked.
  • On the other hand, it is not advisable to pluck the eyebrows every day since the hair will take force and will come out with too much thickness. Wait until the hair grows and do it every two or three weeks, so you’ll make sure you do not become a slave to the tweezers.

Now you know how to wax your eyebrows correctly. Put these tips into practice and you will achieve a perfect appearance throughout the year.


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